She has “2 kinds of flowers” at home, green leaves, can purify harmful gas, good air really great

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Nowadays, people like to grow some natural and healthy plants at home, especially some green plants that can absorb harmful gases, that would be more popular.A friend, she has “2 kinds of flowers” in the family, green leaves, can purify the harmful gas in the home, the air is good, whether it is the body or the mood will become great.And this “2 kinds of flowers” in the flower shop to buy the price is very cheap, but also very easy to raise, next to introduce to everyone.This friend in the family of two flowers, in fact, is the bean green and drug grass, they are evergreen herbaceous flowers and plants, very Yin and drought resistant, even lazy people can easily raise, now look at the characteristics of these two flowers, as well as their maintenance points, I hope you can like friends.1, watercress watercress green green this plant perfect green, blade is very full, he has a strong radiation absorption effect, also can purify the air of the harmful gas such as formaldehyde and secondhand smoke, so people like to put it in the study of the computer, or home sitting room corner, can make people’s life space more comfortable and beautiful.Douban green is easy to care for because its leaves are covered with wax, so water evaporates slowly and people don’t have to water it as often.However, in hot summer, you can spray water on the surface of doubangreen leaves from time to time, which can play a cooling and cleaning role, so that doubangreen leaves become more green and bright.And douban green is a kind of fertilizer plants, so you can use loose and breathable humus soil to cultivate, put it in the indoor light is more adequate place maintenance, every 1 to 2 months to apply a little slow release fertilizer, can make douban green leaves become more vigorous, the effect of air purification will be more powerful.2. Crackweed Weed has wrinkled leaves that look a bit like mint, so some people would also call it crepe mint.However, drug grass and mint or different, than mint, drug grass blades will be more dense, but also can regard it as a kind of hanging plants hanging in the air, the thick leaves hanging down, some of can effective adsorption air particulate matter, also can purify some harmful gas, the air becomes more pure and fresh and clean.The maintenance point of the weed is very simple. It likes to grow in warm and humid places. Therefore, when raising the weed, you can put it in the corner of your home with sufficient sunlight to keep the soil in a slightly damp state, which can speed up the growth of the weed.However, ventilation is needed to prevent the leaves and roots from rotting and turning yellow, which makes the weed look healthier.Conclusion: if want to let the air in the home become more healthy, so might as well raise these two plants in the home, not only the skin is good to raise, and there are strong air purification effect, raise on a really great!Flowers like friends, remember to click on the top of the “attention”, every day will introduce a lot of flowers and plants knowledge oh!