Provincial clinical oncology Society gynecological oncology expert committee was established

2022-05-21 0 By

Jinan – Recently, the inaugural meeting and the first academic conference of gynecological Oncology Expert Committee of Shandong Clinical Oncology Society was held in Jinan, and Professor Yu Hao was elected chairman of the first committee.Yu Jinming, president of Shandong Provincial Clinical Oncology Society, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of Shandong Provincial Cancer Hospital, delivered a speech and delivered a keynote report.The Gynecological Oncology Expert Committee of Shandong Provincial Clinical Oncology Society will set up a new exchange and learning platform for the clinical and scientific research workers of gynecological oncology in Shandong Province, and play an active role in promoting the improvement of the research, diagnosis and treatment level of gynecological oncology in Shandong province and even in China.Academician Yu Jinming gave a detailed explanation on the current situation and future development prospects of precision diagnosis and treatment with the title of “New Practice of Precision Immunity”, pointing out that combined immunotherapy represents the future and direction of tumor treatment.Professor Wu Lingying of Cancer Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor Zhang Shiqian of Shandong University Qilu Hospital and other 34 well-known gynecological oncology experts in and outside the province gave keynote speeches.Experts attending the conference discussed and exchanged their experiences in clinical diagnosis and treatment of gynecological tumors, including surgical treatment, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, maintenance therapy, imaging and pathology, gene testing and other cutting-edge advances.The conference was held in a combination of online and offline, with a maximum online audience of 5,000.Source: Dazhong Daily