Over the age of 50 to be a tight-fisted person, but these four money can not be saved

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1. You can’t save money to keep yourself healthy.First of all, regular physical examination should be carried out. In the annual physical examination of the unit, if small problems are found, they should not be ignored. The review should be reviewed and actively cooperate with the doctor’s examination.There are a lot of small problems in the body that can save a lot of pain and a lot of money if you fix them right away.If it goes on for a long time, it becomes a big problem, it’s painful and expensive to treat, and it can seriously affect your health.To ensure their health, but also pay attention to sleep quality, ensure the time of sleep, can not use physical strength and time to change money, the rest on the rest, less earn a few less earn a few, nutritional structure should be reasonable, every day milk, eggs, lean meat all kinds of vegetables and fruits configuration to complete.Go to work convenient drive a car, sun, get up early and get dark, to save a few gasoline money, is really not worth it.In order to save a little gasoline money, riding a battery car collision, a traffic accident, old arms and legs, I’m afraid is to withstand.That is to say: physical examination, treatment, food, housing, travel money do not save.Money and children can not be saved.If you are in your 50s, you still have 20 or 30 years to live. In the next few decades, you will be able to help your children less and less, and need their help more and more.In front of the children to learn to admit, willing to give money, feelings of light with the mouth flicker not, must have money to pay.The first is buying a house and a car.After the children get married, pregnancy, confinement, childbirth, raising the next generation of all kinds of expenses you have to give money.Use money to show your children how generous and caring you are.Red envelopes should not be less during festivals.The condition according to oneself, had better be those who red envelope is a few bigger, gave money still did not beg to be good, that is the most lamentable thing.They pay you to come and see you, and you pay them to buy you gifts.You’re sick, you’re in the hospital, they take care of you, you have to pay, you have to pay more than you pay for a caregiver.Starting in your 50s, you should spend money to maintain a good relationship with your children. When you are old, they will not abandon you when taking care of you. You should give money to your children in batches, not all at once.Filial piety parents can not save money.”Hundred good filial piety first” parents age, if they are in good health, and have time, can personally take care of their parents of course very good, do not have the physical and time conditions, the nanny please nanny!In the last stage of the life of the elderly, let them be able to live a happy life, to do their own responsibilities and obligations, their own will be at ease.4, sports fitness, learning new knowledge to accept new things of money can not be saved.Although you are in your 50s, don’t shy away from new things and learn new knowledge.People in their 50s can still do a lot of things physically and mentally. They don’t give up learning and try their best to take the initiative to provide for the aged.Take the initiative to exercise, to ensure their health, to buy fitness equipment, buy running shoes, go to the natatorium swimming, gym fitness, these costs should be spent, one is good for the body, two can make their physical and mental pleasure.There are many activities that are beneficial to physical and mental health, such as singing, dancing, playing Musical Instruments, calligraphy, painting and doing “we media”.You can’t cut corners on these activities.I recommend “we media”. “We media” only requires a smartphone.Writing articles, answering questions and shooting videos on “we media” platforms can not only make you happy, increase your reading, expand your knowledge, make your thinking logic clearer, cultivate your aesthetic sense, but also make you gain profits.”We media” not only enables you to realize active retirement, but also allows you to obtain benefits. It is indeed a good project for middle-aged and elderly people to participate in.To sum up, a person over 50 years old cannot save money on health, children’s communication, clothing, food, housing and transportation, and active pension.Alas, in your 50s, there are a lot of things you need to spend money on.This is the flavor of New Year