Lin Nianxiu: Strictly enforce the regulations on automobile investment management to strengthen the clean-up of new energy vehicle violations

2022-05-21 0 By

Beijing shell of finance and economics news (reporters) the woods on March 26, electric cars in China c BBS (2022), the National Development and Reform Commission deputy director of the Lin Nian points out, the automotive industry investment management regulations must be strictly implemented, to strengthen the new energy vehicles violate compasses clean-up project, in accordance with the rules and not in accordance with the number of retail building, built the whole and first batch while building and other irregularities.It is necessary to standardize the merger and reorganization of automobile enterprises, vigorously promote the exit of backward enterprises and invalid capacity, and build an industrial pattern with reasonable layout, orderly development and efficient operation.Lin Nianxiu pointed out that the key areas should be encouraged to develop industrial development plans, relying on the existing capacity to develop new energy vehicles, to ensure that the project construction is standardized and orderly, vehicle enterprises to highlight the key layout, relying on the existing production base cluster development, the existing base to reach a reasonable scale, no new capacity distribution point.In the first two years, the leaders of miIT reached a consensus that the main body should be concentrated and the region should be concentrated.New energy vehicles must take this road, not too scattered, “so we encourage a key enterprise to reach a certain scale in a place to build a second point, and the national overall layout, not everywhere”.Lin also said chip and automobile companies should be encouraged to speed up technological research and development and collaborative innovation, actively expand the production capacity of automotive chips, strive to improve the quality and level of supply, and effectively resolve the shortage of automotive chips.Second, we need to strengthen the development of a resource security system for lithium, nickel, cobalt and other resources, continue to ensure supply and price stability, and accelerate the establishment of a diversified supply and demand security system that combines development and procurement with mutual assistance at home and abroad.Also, data security and network security, it is always the data security throughout the course of new energy automobile development, strive to build market, under the rule of law, international regulatory standards and regulatory system, the automobile industry and enterprise should earnestly implement the national laws, regulations and policies, strengthen data classified management, perfect the risk assessments and treatment of early warning mechanism,Gradually establish a data security management system covering research and development, design, manufacturing, use and other processes to effectively ensure data and network security.Beijing News Shell financial reporter Lin Zi editor Song Yuting proofread Lu Qian