China’s first gold medal in winter Olympics!Wu Dajing went all out to cross the finish line and won the short track speed skating team relay

2022-05-21 0 By

China, Hungary, Italy and Canada took part in the mixed team relay final of short track speed skating at the Beijing Winter Olympics on February 5.China crossed the finish line first and won the first gold medal of the Games.China fielded qu Chunyu, Fan Kexin, Wu Dajing and Ren Ziwei in the final, the same team as in the quarterfinals, with one personnel change compared to the semifinals.In the final, China played in the most outfield of the four teams.The first leg of the race was again Fan Kexin, who got off to a good start, but the referee stopped the race after two people fell in the first corner.After the restart, Van Kosin was in third place and held Hungary down.After the baton handover, Qu Chunyu surpassed Canada, and Ren Ziwei surpassed Canada again with the third baton.The ensuing battle between the two sides was fierce, with China maintaining a slight advantage.Half way through the race there was an accident, with The Chinese team in a commanding lead.Since then the Chinese team will be more and more dominant, the last bar Wu Dajing sprint, the first to cross the finish line.The official result ruled there was no foul play and China won the first gold medal at the Games in 2:37.348.