Network broadcast shall be standardized again, and false marketing propaganda shall not be allowed

2022-05-20 0 By

At present, the coverage rate of the domestic network has reached 98%, except for some remote villages, natural scenic areas and other places, other coverage of the network.At the same time, network broadcast has also achieved rapid development. Network broadcast has the characteristics of flexibility, freedom and low entry threshold of the industry. More and more people flood into this industry, which also leads to the whole industry mixed and frequent problems.The Cyberspace Administration of China, the State Administration of Taxation and the State Administration for Market Regulation jointly issued opinions on further regulating profit-making activities of online live broadcasting to Promote the Healthy development of the industry.Network broadcast platforms and network broadcast publishers shall not attract traffic, hype up heat and induce consumers to reward and buy products through rumors, false marketing and self-reward.In terms of standardizing tax administration and promoting tax compliance, the Opinions require that online live streaming platforms and online live streaming service organizations should fulfill the individual income tax withholding obligation in accordance with the law, not shift or evade the individual income tax withholding obligation, and not plan or help online live streaming publishers to evade tax.