Gao Peng said medicinal materials: Some real estate medicinal materials prices in Jiangxi on January 25, 2022

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1. Jiangxi Zhangshu city tendrichinia price: tendrichinia (100% Jiangxi single leaf tendrichinia pure extract 15-16 points above) price of 75 yuan, (100% Jiangxi single leaf tendrichinia through no. 4 screen pure extract 15-16% points above) price of 80 yuan, smooth trend, supply is not abundant.2. Taihe County, Ji ‘an city, Jiangxi Province, Fangji price: although there has been a recent purchase, but due to the end of the year, the overall purchase and sale of goods is general, the price basically remains stable, the current producing area with leather unified goods trading price at about 120 yuan, peeling unified goods trading price at about 125 yuan.3. Taihe County, Ji ‘an city, Jiangxi Province, Haijinsha price: with the increase of merchants and buyers recently asked the price, the supply of goods to speed up a little, but the price change is not big, the current origin trading price at about 215 yuan.4. The price of plantain seed in Taihe County, Ji ‘an city, Jiangxi Province: With the continuous purchase of merchants, the supply of goods has further declined, the market has risen again, and the price of the goods is higher, the current trading price of the origin is between 90-95 yuan.Note: unless otherwise specified, all prices are in kilograms.