Day 80 Who should take care of the money in a family?

2022-05-20 0 By

Not long ago, THERE was a video that a financial column interviewed Guo Guangchang, chairman of Renaissance.We had a good conversation. Guo said that the total revenue of Fuxing in 2021 was more than 100 billion yuan, which was very impressive.Beauty reporter suddenly cut in: the money of revival is your wife in the tube?Total guo at that time in the heart of ten thousand god beast in the pentium, thought this special where plug in the relationship door ah?Asking such a stupid question.Do you think you are playing house?Yes, some people are that stupid.In their world, women are supposed to manage all the money.Whether it’s a family or a public company.There’s only one reason: she’s someone’s wife!Big companies don’t say, a family’s money, after all should be men or women to manage it?Who is in charge of the money should not be measured by gender, but who makes more money is in charge of the money.In our country, traditionally, men make more money in most families, so they should be in charge.Many people have been influenced by The Mary Sue TV series, and their minds are filled with paste due to lack of proper education since childhood.Most girls come from mediocre families and have no tutors at all.Or because the mother is not happy with the father, the tutor is to ask the man to hand in his pay card.In their simple logic, men become bad when they have money, and they become honest when their pockets are cleaner than their faces.The reality is that their miserable lives are self-inflicted.A man, usually work must have entertainment.Colleagues gathering, department dinner is always indispensable.You don’t have any money. It’s always a treat.One way or another, people will not take you to play.When no one else wants to play with you, it’s not up to you to get a promotion or raise.A lifetime at the bottom of the department.How simple it is that only those who actually earn money are likely to earn more.Those who have never earned money tend to overestimate themselves.They don’t understand that money is not easy and they are eager to prove themselves.Data makes clear: telecommunication swindles, of be deceived 80% above is female.Women who do not earn their own money and manage the family’s money are prime targets for fraudsters.Rich and gullible, of course they like it.Some time ago, someone hair a post, the wife was cheated hundreds of thousands.It’s one of those regular brushing scams, and his wife kept it from him the whole time.He also careless, his wife was in a hurry to borrow money without telling her the reason, he did not try to find out.From thousands to tens of thousands to the largest one hundred thousand, his wife has always believed that the opposite really will return money.Until be screened by cheater, his wife finally wake up to oneself is cheated.In fact, not only women, all people who do not earn money, should not be in charge of money.In life, you can see a lot of rich second generation messing around, like that guy, who lost 3.5 billion yuan in one investment.Her old man who was about to retire had to come out of retirement.There are some old people who spend their life savings to buy health care products, their money is hard to save down, but also belong to the part that did not earn money.Putting money in the hands of the earner is essentially asking the other person to make more money.Many people have simple minds and regard it as a symbol of family status.Handing over money to someone with no experience in making money is a sign of disrespect for money and the beginning of a family financial tragedy.If you don’t want to accumulate for years and return to the liberation, or go home to discuss it!This is my 80/18,000 day of running and writing!