Color and time interweave

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The year before last, WHEN I was at home during the epidemic, I took the first color-themed toy group photo. Godzilla, Two-headed Dragon and Cthulhu were three cheap toys that I liked very much, and a green-themed picture was born with Crybag’s toothed man, Poison Man galleons, Surf Turtle and Justice Warrior.The latest toy should be the green body of the ichthyosaur designed by sanmao Toys, an independent Japanese designer on the left.These 20-30 years apart from the toys placed together, will sigh at the passage of time, may also feel the wonderful time staggered together ~ the second blue theme is selected in December to get the Sim, when the sim with a few blue toys selected from the cabinet put together, like so the matter!So they want to clean up the house at the same time, according to the color theme of the toy shot into a series, of course, it is best not to break a bone to find toys, do not entrain private goods (their own works), do not open the box only with some toys to take a group photo, put the toys of different times together.Here are some of my favorite toys or toys that have special meaning to me. Here are two more:The first is Sofubi’s MadMonk, the one on Sim’s right. The traditional Stretch Monster is designed to cute proportions, which makes people want to knead. The second one is the fish Monster under Dehara’s office worker.The gadget I bought at the first BTS was actually one Off. Later I found out that the author was an artist from Portland, USA. This is a photo of it when it was just made.I didn’t think I could get the yellow theme together, but after a little rummaging in the closet, I managed to pull some together.As usual, just introduce your favorites.Simpson series of Yao Ming, too love this only, at that time there was no domestic goods, happened to go to the United States on business in a toy store let me buy it, it is inadvertently willow willow.My favorite of course is the four generations of star characters —————— yellow Dragon, about this only may talk for a long time, I will not start to talk, thanks to its previous owner to give up love!Thanks!!A brown theme is impossible without Labubu, but I forgot to include my favorite labubu in the photo shoot — this Goblin sculpture, designed by Greek stylist Aris Kolokontes in 2013, is a particularly good number. (Amway later gave it to several friends,I particularly like Aris’ skin texture palette, which is simple and full of detail.Definitely one of my favorites.Japanese designer Goekaiju’s first color scheme for Cozilla, which continues the gesture of a bean-gorilla raising his hand, is also a favorite.The purple theme was moved to WOTCFOFP’s purple body designed by James Groman. When the epidemic broke out, we learned that we had won the selection. Then, due to the epidemic, we had to go back and forth between Hong Kong and the mainland for several times before receiving the toy.WOTCFOFP’s gameplay is by far the richest of James Groman’s Sofubi toys.Top Spinner The Berserkers Pirates (Thundercats) was The first Toy owned by Thundercats as a kid, but had no idea what it was, and lost it as a kid.In 2002, I learned that the series was called Thunderbolt Cat while talking with my playmates at toy Factory. It was not until 2008 that I was able to retrieve the toy. Thank God, I can’t describe the love I got back.That’s right, the c-bit of the gray theme must be King Korpse by James Groman!A few years ago, my friend helped me carry it back from Taiwan, which increased the weight of this toy in my heart.The other is mattel Himan rock giants, a word that adds weight to the list: model testing.The red theme is enthusiastic and unrestrained, and it is very easy to gather a table together.The Eddie image on the cover of Iron Lady’s Trooper single in MacFarlane’s music series made me both a iron Girl fan and an old wheat fan very excited. The double love made me have to give a metal gesture.As a Cancer, I have always loved crab-themed toys and couldn’t put them down.The two toys in the orange theme are of profound significance to me. The first one is the peanut man designed by Hong Kong design brand Blackseed. This is only one of the three toys that influenced me to become a sofubi designer.The second one is the C-bit pumpkin, a sculpture work by Taiwanese designer Bico Liou. After collecting this special pumpkin on Halloween in 2017, I became friends with the designer. After designing my Sofubi toy, I made a joint name with Bico Liou.Pink theme. All my friends who are familiar with me know that I collect pink and transparent Sofubi. I restrained myself in the pink theme and didn’t put any pink toys.The space ship gangpang is the first Sofubi toy designed by macong, a good friend. The chubby Astro Boy shape of sumo wrestle makes people never forget it. I was lucky to put Gangpang into my collection cabinet at the first time.Yumyum, a fashion brand from the UK, designed this doll more than 10 years ago, and took out a brand that the old lady likes very much. It seems that the official website is no longer accessible, unfortunately!!When I photographed the black theme, I found that I could take out so many black toys.It was a surprise…Kenner’s alien belongs to the economical and fun variety, if I remember correctly, the year about 20 yuan, a good friend gave it, especially precious.In fact, I am a Star Wars fan, and Darth Vader is still coming out of the platform. I really like this Darth Vader head in the form of Playset. Although the scene is not as delicate and complex as the universal Max, this is probably the only Playset darth Vader toy with acceptable design.The white theme was supposed to be a Star Wars Stormtrooper photo shoot, but no, no, no.The first is universal Max and McDonald’s joint name of the snow monster, when I saw this toy in the toy stall super like, but this one is 1 yuan more expensive than other, young I have no choice but to choose another one, this resentment lasted for 20 years, after the revenge to buy 3 only bought 3 only bought 3!!Star Wars Han Solo spin-off movie l3-37 robot little sister, really earned me a tear, I hope this can have a 12 inch version, call HT ah ~~~~ nodal white spider, will die in the pond before landing, after death into a tree, Yoda’s tree house is the calcified nodal white spider formed.He later appeared as a team in Season 2 of the Mandalorian.= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = final words: colour theme toys this series temporarily, see these with their old partners and new friends together, that kind of complex mood can’t describe.I didn’t bring out expensive or popular toys. Here are some small toys that have special feelings for me. There may be a little story behind each toy…These wonderful 20-30 years apart may really make time together ~ ———— written by 52TOYS community master: DreamonStudio