The Japanese player with chuai Ice Dwen Dwen laughed: you only care about Ice Dwen dwen didn’t listen to me

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Overseas network on February 14, following the Japanese journalist Tsujioka Yoshido, another Japanese “Bingdun Dun promotion ambassador” in Japan media fire.After the award ceremony, Japanese ski jumper Yoo Kobayashi gave an interview with the doll stuffed in his pocket, prompting a storm of praise.On Tuesday, Kobayashi joked about his popularity on social media, saying, “People only pay attention to pandas and don’t listen to my interview,” prompting another comment: “Sorry, I only see Bing Dwen Dwen.”Japanese athlete Yoo Kobayashi won the silver medal in the men’s individual ski jumping final at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Feb 12 night.A few days earlier, Kobayashi had won Japan’s first gold medal by winning the individual standard platform final.The way he cradled Bing Dwen Dwen in his arms like a kangaroo during a post-match interview set the Internet on fire.The international Olympic Committee’s official Twitter account also posted a picture of him, along with a kangaroo emoji.Kobayashi joked on social media on Wednesday, “I’m doing an interview, but people are only paying attention to the panda and not listening to me?””Sorry, I only saw Bing Dwen Dwen being interviewed,” many netizens replied. “The panda stole the show anyway.You are the only one who treats Bing Dwen dwen like this. You are so cute and gentle with your chest. You and Bing Dwen dwen are so cute.(overseas network Wang Shanning) overseas network copyright works, without authorization is strictly prohibited.