Ten men against each other!Hwang Dae-heon won speed skating gold at the Winter Olympics without foul play, and cheetah turned South Korea’s prodigal son back

2022-05-19 0 By

On the fifth day of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the men’s 1500 meters short track speed skating race is in the spotlight.Ren Ziwei and Liu Shaolin, who had been locked in a tight battle in the 1,000 meters, did not face each other in the final.Because Ren ziwei fouled out in the preliminary round, Liu shaolin broke the competition record to advance.Unexpectedly, in the final of 10 players, hwang won the gold medal without foul. Netizens said: If this is not necessary to appeal?In fact, it is likely that “cheetah” let the South Korean team wake up the game out of style.A lot of strange things happened in the men’s 1,500m short-track speed skating final at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.Ren Ziwei, who won the gold medal in the men’s 1,000m speed skating final at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, was disqualified for a mistake.After the game, he said in an interview, did not think of their own regulations, the idea of a little more lack of momentum.And said that they will adjust well after, do not make the same mistake.Liu Shaolin, who won the first place but missed the gold medal because of foul play, set an Olympic record in the preliminary heat to advance.However, there was a strange twist to the short track 1500m final, with 10 skaters competing for MEDALS.Unexpectedly, Hwang Dae-heon of South Korea crossed the finish line first and won the gold medal without committing a foul.The Hungarian brothers finished fourth and sixth out of the MEDALS.The first gold medal for the Korean team was won by Hwang Dae-heon, who was previously ruled out of the game illegally. This made the sports fans feel that it was not the “prodigal son”.Even, some netizens said, if already clean competition also need to appeal?As is known to all, The Korean team is known as a “black hand” in short track speed skating, they not only black opponents and teammates will be black.This is a special skill that they have been honing for a long time, and it is also “invincible” in the era of relatively backward camera.However, with the development of technology and the refinement of the rules, the Korean team’s tricks are difficult to use.In particular, cheetah high-definition cameras will be installed at the short-track speed skating venue of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.The south Korean team suddenly found it hard to adapt to the situation.In the past, two South Korean skaters were disqualified from the final due to foul play, and the South Korean team has appealed against their compensation.The final result is that the appeal failed, after all, “irrefutable evidence”.Cheetah camera is also responsible for Korea s prodigal son s return.As the saying goes, “No rules, no fangyuan”.Short-track speed skating is traditionally a competitive sport, with competitors competing for speed and skill as well as avoiding collisions and fouls.South Korean athletes, who often profit from stealth moves that would have gone undetected in previous competitions, are virtually invisible to the cheetah cameras in Beijing.Now, south Korean athletes have finally woken up to the fact that they have won gold without foul play and are respected by sports fans.