Snow ruyi stable “big head”

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During the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the National Ski Jumping Center will hold 2 events and 8 events, including ski jumping and Nordic biathlon, and a total of 8 gold MEDALS will be won.The national Ski jumping Center consists of the summit Club, the starting area, the slide area and the grandstand area. Because of its appearance, it looks like the ancient Chinese symbol of good luck — Ruyi, so it gets the name “Xueruyi”.Among them, the Summit Club is located in the “handle head” of Snow Ruyi, which is a multi-purpose report hall with a capacity of 500 people. How does this semi-suspended huge circular building stay firmly on the top of the mountain?”Among the four venues in Zhangjiakou competition area, Xuelyi has the largest amount of construction and the highest technical difficulty, while xuelyi has the highest difficulty in building its’ Handle head ‘Summit Club.The ‘big head’ has a front cantilever height of 37.5 meters, an outer diameter of 78 meters and an inner diameter of 40 meters, using more than 2,200 tons of steel and less than 2,500 square meters of construction space available outside.””Said Zhang Yu, chief engineer of the National Ski Jumping Center of China Railway Construction Engineering Group, which is building the Snow Ruyi project.How to present this top design completely to the world in the limited space has become a difficult problem in front of the builders.”The backbone of the Summit club is a huge steel frame.It was very difficult to get the steel needed for the frame up to the top of the hill, and then combine the lifting capacity of the vertical transport equipment with the proper unit division to raise it to the design point and weld all the components together.”Changyu said.After many discussions, the builders of China Railway Construction Engineering Group decided to use 39 steel trusses as temporary supports for construction, and the steel was pre-processed below, then lifted and welded.”Through modeling, finite element analysis, calculation and processing, cost analysis and other aspects of comparison and selection, the final adoption of ‘steel tube supported Berley beam transfer layer + plate buckle frame system’, to solve the support of many vertical and horizontal differences and large span, large load concrete member support frame bearing capacity requirements and other problems.”Changyu said.The construction of the steel structure of the Summit Club adopts the high-altitude piece-together construction technology, and the huge circular steel structure is welded together little by little by electric welding.According to the introduction, the summit club welding seam has 2522, the total length of 14189.70 meters, all the use of a grade weld, every centimeter has been strictly tested, and finally had the summit club standing on the summit of the majestic.In order to ensure that tourists have a comfortable experience, the Summit club also installed 14 eddy current type seismic dampers in the cantilever section, its role is to avoid the vertigo caused by vibration when the crowd walks to the cantilever section.(Economic Daily Reporter Qi Hui) Source: Economic Daily