Look for close success to be abandoned again however, self-deprecation disturbed Liu Xuezhou to choose to leave

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Liu Xuezhou, a boy who had been searching for his family through the Internet, posted a 7,000-word suicide note on his Micro blog yesterday morning, in which he took an overdose of drugs on the beach and captioned it “Light when I came, clean when I returned”.Early yesterday morning, liu Xuezhou, a boy who had been searching for his family through the Internet, posted a 7,000-word suicide note on his Micro blog, in which he took an overdose of drugs on the beach and captioned it “light when I come, clean when I return.”In this suicide note, he first used a few short sentences to sum up more than ten years of growth experience, but every word is painful: sold at a young age, adoptive parents died due to accident when he was four years old, school was bullied by students with excellent grades, was molested by the teacher, now finally find relatives not only abandoned again, but also by the Internet violence.If he had not written a long essay, we would have had no way of knowing what he had suffered all these years.Since childhood and grandma and grandpa depend on each other, because the home only farmland income, so his life has been very poor, the students laugh at his wild children, bully him without rely on, the teacher not only do not manage, but also punish him……He that lives below such environment sees other people to have parents to love very also yearn to be able someone to cherish him, then he begins to think how to seek close.Although matters very well, but it runs smooth, endeavoured away already divorced parents began to now also don’t like to mention this family, spread on the Internet all can’t hide, they finally Joseph, but is just to eat outside, let the child to go somewhere else, don’t want to let the children into the house.It is not easy to find relatives, he just wants to like ordinary children also have a home of their own, even if it is to rent a house for his study and life.But because parents are not willing to assume the obligation that brings up him however, change existing domestic life, then say its want to buy a house, draw the net that eats melon masses of numerous unknown truth is violent he, say he is to sell miserably “deliberate bitch”.Faced with all kinds of groundless accusations and doubts, he posted the old red brick bungalow where he now lives, which is overgrown with weeds.At the same time, they are still worrying about solving a math problem, while he has to worry about where to live, how to live, how to go to school and how not to be scolded. His biological parents are still alive, but he has to rely on “orphan grant” to survive. What a ridiculous irony!He is not a fake smile boy, he is only sunshine depression in his weibo, you can also see him out from small to large, get all sorts of honor a wall filled with awards and honorary certificate of paved with a bed, he said that these are his spell out one by one in the dark the light, is his final ideal faith, support him slowly move forward in life on the road.But overnight he became what his parents described as a mercenary miscreant, with pictures of him smiling maliciously labelled “the boy with the fake smile”.Black and white are reversed, he feels that his birth is a mistake, he is redundant like a burden, the world seems to have no place for him, not accepted by the world, he completely fell into the abyss of depression, and finally chose to commit suicide in the sea, because he thinks the sea is very tolerant, can hold more things.His biological parents replied that they had nothing to do with him and that his adoptive parents had caused him to die. If they had not bought it, someone better would have bought it!His parents had not been seen since the last time they met, and even after his death, relatives on his current adoptive side had taken care of them.If good and evil are hard to break, and the first good lead to abandon their children for more than ten years of parents suddenly wash white, just want a complete family but the child was scolded dog blood drenching head, this is the distortion of human nature or moral decay?Even in the face of such harsh criticism, he still chose to leave the money he earned from summer and winter jobs to his grandparents to raise him, and donated the money donated by kind-hearted netizens to the orphanage, saying that he wanted to pass on his love.All say that the more difficulties and hardships reveal a person’s background, a simple and kind person in the last moment of life is thinking about others, but ask such a person can make what kind of wrong?We are often blinded by this or that information on the network, a few words of justice in the heart of awe-struck up, angrily rebuked the parties should not, but not long after a layer and layer of anti-transfer people see silence.When social ugliness is exposed, we can severely reprimand, but the premise is that we need to understand the cause and effect of the matter clearly, and view the problem comprehensively and correctly, rather than follow the trend of comments, which are led by some people out of order.Sometimes we focus so much on how we express our opinions that we forget how we can change the situation that is not so good.Now has nine years of compulsory education, the National People’s Congress known as ethics laws, know what should be how to, but it’s hard to get to know one thing why would become like this, because we are just passers-by to know whole picture, so instead of pointing fingers, too much not put yourself in others’ shoes for help as much as possible.No one just wants to go on a single plank bridge, and why is it hard to force those who have no way to go on the cliff, the sea is very wide, the blue sky is very wide, face up to all the differences, and guide the communication maybe this world will be better.END text /INC ah edit/Encounter picture/network, invade and delete every like you point, I seriously as a support