“Three good students” award sugar cane and pork belly, interesting

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“Eight-year-old boy won a merit student carrying sugar cane to carry pork belly home” went viral.An eight-year-old boy in Jinhua, Zhejiang province, was awarded “Merit student” at the end of his term on Jan 21, when his school awarded him a cane nearly three meters long and a piece of pork belly.He carried the sugar cane carrying supplies a home video moved many people, said he was “the street is the most beautiful boy” (on January 25, kwangmyong) schools with sugar cane and a wide net rewards “miyoshi students”, although a few root cane and catty pork value a few money, on the surface is still a little tacky, also don’t like other prizes can be stored for a long time, but it is really,This kind of prize is sincere, have material, enough taste, compared to reward notebook and other school supplies, this kind of reward way is more real, more grounding gas.It is more down-to-earth to reward high performance and progress with sugarcane, which means both sweet and “growing higher”.In many places in the process of social intercourse, like to send pork to encourage children.Eating meat itself contains the meaning of increasing nutrition, strengthening physical strength, making people healthier and more energetic.The school gives sugar cane and meat to the “three good students”, which means that the students can accumulate more energy, learn more knowledge, and exert more energy in the future study, life and work. By doing this, the school conforms to the local traditional habits and is closer to the people’s life, which will make more parents have a good impression on the school.The school gives sugarcane and meat to “three good students”, which means that students should not only study and live well, but also constantly pursue progress. This school does so, close to people’s life, which will make more parents have a good impression on the school and teachers.If the school to outstanding students directly hair money, both appear more tacky, and dozens of dollars can not buy anything, some students may think that this is their own with excellent results in exchange, so do not put the dozens of dollars of money as one thing, randomly spent.If a teacher gives some other fancy things to students, they may not use them, and some of them may be discarded.But sugar cane and pork every family to eat, give students prize sugar cane and pork, certainly will not waste.This kind of reward seems more affordable.Some students get sugar cane pork, take home with relatives and friends to sit together to share the joy of success, elders give children more praise, encouragement and blessing, the sugar cane to eat more sweet, meat to eat more fragrant.In such an atmosphere, this unique and innovative award will give students a different sense of pride, and the incentive effect will be better.Students can let their elders see the results of their efforts, how proud they should be, they will understand that their efforts can make their families better.This is much more valuable and heartwarming than simply rewarding money.This school uses sugar cane to reward “three good students”. At first, it sounds awkward and strange, but if you feel the good intention of this school, you will feel that the school has spent a lot of thought on this practice.School as a teaching place, no matter in what aspect to open up ideas, break traditional ideas, bold innovation, as long as it is conducive to the growth of students to try to try, so as to encourage more students to study hard, for better results.The school uses sugar cane and pork as prizes for students to share their learning achievements with family and friends and make them feel more rewarding.Of course, the school can not only give students sugar cane, the certificate should also be issued, can not be less, then in their collection and aftertaste.(Hu Jianbing)