Tianjin coastal departments opened a green channel for agricultural supply and protection, and this year’s largest batch of agricultural fertilizer was collected and unloaded at the port

2022-05-16 0 By

At 18:00 on April 2, Panamanian cargo ship “Fair”, which had been sailing for more than 20 days, slowly entered the Dagusha channel of Tianjin Port. After berthing at L10 berth of Tianjin Lingang Port area, it will complete the import of 52,500 tons of potash fertilizer with a value of nearly 200 million yuan in Tianjin Port. This is the fifth potash fertilizer import cargo ship that tianjin port has this year.It broke the maximum load record of single ship for importing potash fertilizer in the past 5 years.”More than half of China’s potash fertilizer depends on imports, accounting for more than 60% of the market supply, import dependence is high, entering the spring tillage stage, market demand is large.”Customer manager Kang Yuegang said.Tianjin Port Group has worked closely with the shippers to ensure the safe and accurate transportation of imported potash fertilizer. Port units have opened green channels and provided services in the first time to ensure the supply of unloading bags to the market.Since “Fair” sailed from Vancouver port, Tianjin Customs, Tianjin Maritime, Tianjin Border Inspection and Tianjin Port Group closely followed the ship’s sailing trends and cooperated with each element resource under their jurisdiction.Forward from the channel organization, pilot plan, declare, berths, safe discharge, ship’s entry and exit, the crew closed-loop management of the whole chain, various aspects fully guarantee for arrived in Zimbabwe scarce goods fast ashore, social seamless docking import potash imports all the work, then this batch of potash will supply hebei, tianjin, shanxi, Inner Mongolia, shandong and other places.Provide protection for spring farming around the country.It is reported that in order to facilitate rural revitalization and ensure the reserve supply of chemical fertilizer and other important agricultural materials, tianjin port units have maintained close contact with the whole chain to ensure the circulation of agricultural materials. In the first quarter, a total of 139,900 tons of potash fertilizer was imported.(Front Desk reporter Wang Shuo houyu)