Shijiazhuang railway public security uncovered a “help letter” case involving more than 7 million yuan

2022-05-16 0 By

Shijiazhuang railway public security anti-fraud synthetic combat center according to a fake public security personnel to implement telecom network fraud case clues, captured a telecom fraud gang to provide funds to help the flow of criminal suspects, involving more than 7 million yuan of funds.On January 9, 2022, shijiazhuang railway public security office anti cheat synthesis operations center received a railway hotel staff zhang reported, at around 9 am the day got a call from overseas, claimed that he is wanted for alleged crimes to the public security organ, shall be immediately transfer a deposit to an account to prove his innocence, or the public security organs will immediately to arrest, zhang,Will 30 thousand yuan cash into the account provided by the other side, a few hours after the detection of wrong Zhang mou to the public security organ report.Interpol detachment received a report, the organization of anti-fraud synthetic operation center to analyze the case.Through the work, the funds involved into liu’s bank account, Liu has used his other three bank cards to transfer funds involved in the case, and transfer time and the case time is highly consistent, analysis that Liu is suspected of committing major crimes.Anti – fraud synthetic combat center immediately on Liu Xicheng early warning distribution control.On the evening of January 21, the suspect Liu Was arrested on K516 train.According to Liu’s confession, after seeing the advertisement that providing bank card payment fund settlement flow will get a large return, he handed over his three bank cards to others for telecom network fraud on January 6, 2022.Liu has been taken criminal measures by shijiazhuang Railway Public security department for helping information network crime.Railway police prompt passengers: the journey must do strange website links do not click, do not answer strange phone, transfer remittance to verify, always and everywhere to prevent telecom network fraud crime.At the same time, their phone cards, bank cards can only be used by themselves, can not hand over their phone cards, bank cards to others for use, rent, lend, transfer, sell their phone cards, bank cards once used in the telecommunications network illegal crime amount will bear criminal responsibility, not only harm themselves will also involve their families.(Correspondents Wang Weigang, Gao Wenhao) Source: CCTV network (transferred from: Guangming network)