Lynk Prosperity promotion, 10 days of limited price!

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Everyone who buys a car wants a bargain, and soft-peddling 4S shop sales doesn’t save any money.Want to use a classic statement of the network recently: brothers, your efforts in the wrong direction!To buy a car cheaper actually largely depends on “where to buy” — this is not the recent Xi ‘an area LYNk lynk 09 new energy, merchants of the shop to give back special time promotion, for the promotion of the car series what are the advantages?Let’s move on.Good news!There are lynk 09 new energy sales in this shop, color optional, 2022-04-08 to 2022-04-09 launch power life, preferential home.And not only that!There will be additional preferential policies and delivery of the car package to send you!The store also provides a variety of drinks and tea breaks so that you can enjoy quality service in a comfortable environment.Interested friends welcome to the shop consultation ~ below we good Lao Lao lynk 09 new energy this car……Always take time out of your busy schedule to give your body and mind a holiday.If you don’t want to get in the way of complicated road conditions on your journey, be sure to pay attention to the performance of traffic.From chassis design to departure and approach angles, lynk 09 new Energy makes it easier to navigate complex road conditions.Whether the interior is high-grade is the key to “insiders” to see the car, because whether it is material selection or line, reflecting the intention and intention of the main engine factory at the beginning of the design.Lynk 09 New Energy (promotion car series – model name) reflects the sincerity and careful consideration of the brand r&d team.Seize the favorable, province is za pockets of the people, through the above details, believe that you already have the answer, we are looking for you to test drive, address of xi ‘an high-tech zone in shaanxi 125 zhangs eight JieBan new industrial park west avenue, or call dealers hotline: 13279496482, the store will have a specialist 1 to 1 answers to service for you!The event will run from April 8, 2022 to April 9, 2022