Green army tops the east!The Lakers are turned!Fell to 10th in the West!

2022-05-16 0 By

A position war!The Lakers dropped the ball in today’s crucial game.CJ and Murphy scored repeatedly in the final quarter, giving the Pelicans a 23-point comeback, 116-108, to defend their home court.Now in the Western Conference, the Lakers are only one game behind the 11th place in the Spurs, and they will lose to the Blazers, lose to the Kings, lose to the Kings, lose to the Thunder, and finally lose to the Rockets, you have no loss, don’t face this game king, Westbrook both ushered in the milestone sad,King surpassed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (40 years, 277 days) to become the youngest player with 37,000 points at 37 years, 88 days, and surpassed Malone (13,528) for second place in career sports goals.Westbrook passed Wade (23,165) for 31st place on the NBA’s all-time scoring list in regular-season career points.Ingram had the most fun, scoring a team-high 26 points on 10-of-17 shooting with seven rebounds and five assists, scoring seven points in five minutes in the final quarter and leading the lakers’ comeback.The Lakers are on shaky ground, and according to Monk, we can’t expect to win against a good team after scoring only 14 points in the final quarter.Yeah, I’m a guy who scored half of your team’s points in the last quarter, so let’s reflect and see what we can do next season.We’ll check out the Warriors after the Lakers.The Warriors were on the verge of pulling back from an 18-point deficit to five in what was supposed to be a stunning comeback, but klay missed a 3-pointer and the Warriors lost 123-115 to the Wizards.The Warriors have lost five of their last six games, and it’s hard to imagine how Curry propelled the warriors into the top three in the Western Conference.Green said after the game that he’s never seen a team play worse when he’s on the court, noting that he’s a -65 over the last five games.The good news is that Golden State has a more consistent record and should not worry about going to the play-offs, but it is not clear how good they will be in the playoffs.It is said that the drought is dead and the flood is dead.The SUNS above two teams is a stark contrast, today is the first with the eastern dialogue between the western conference, game is unusually anxious, but can’t, the SUNS this season, it is too strong, that Jesus was coming all the way, I thought would be a you come to me to match who wanted to be the SUNS a wave flow for sudden death in Philadelphia.The SUNS swept the Philly 114-104 season, winning eight straight games and three straight.The east is also changing quickly, after the loss of the digital man, from first to fourth, and now the green army temporarily top….Harden was 2 of 11 to yi, while longtime teammate Chris Paul had a game-high plus-25 with 19 points and 14 assists in a double-double.Based on the way the SUNS have been fighting for the title this season, anyone who meets them will have enough to drink.Now also began to realize, ah lake suddenly began to swim upstream