Where is the biggest lavender base in Yili

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Ili lavender base is located in Xinjiang Yili Huocheng County Lucaogou town.1. Lucaogou Town is 29 kilometers to the northeast of Huocheng County. National Highway 312 runs through the town.It is the gateway to Yili River Valley, 50 kilometers away from Yining, the capital of Yili Prefecture, and 37 kilometers away from Horgos, the first-level national land port. It is close to Qingshuihe Economic and Technological Development Zone of autonomous Region, and it is the only way to Yili River Valley and Horgos port.2. Lavender is native to the Mediterranean coast, all over Europe and the Oceanian islands, and has been widely planted in The UK and Yugoslavia.It is a new kind of hardy perennial flower in the garden.Lavender is very adaptable.Adult plants both low temperature resistance, and high temperature resistance, in the receiving season of high temperature about 40℃.3. Lavender is a kind of plant that likes to dry and doesn’t hold much water.Annual rainfall of 600-800mm is more suitable.In the green and bud stage, the plant grows faster and needs more water.Low water requirement during anthesis;The amount of water in the fruiting period should be appropriate;Winter dormant period to carry out winter irrigation or snow cover.So the ideal distribution of rainfall throughout the year is plenty in the spring, a moderate amount in the summer, and plenty of snow in the winter.