What is illegally modified vehicles illegally modified vehicles penalties

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Modification is now a very common thing, but modification needs to be carried out within the legal scope, otherwise it is illegal modification.Illegal modifications have not been tested for safety and may increase personal injury in the event of a traffic accident.So what is an illegally modified vehicle?What are the penalties for illegal modification of vehicles?Let’s look at the details.What are the penalties for modifying vehicles without permission?According to Article 100 of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, whoever drives a assembled motor vehicle or a motor vehicle that has reached the standards for being discarded as useless on road shall be confiscated by the traffic administrative department of the public security organ and be forcibly discarded as useless.Any driver who drives a motor vehicle specified in the preceding paragraph on road shall be imposed a fine of not less than 200 yuan but not more than 2,000 yuan, and his motor vehicle driving license shall be revoked.Article 103 Where the state department in charge of motor vehicle products permits unqualified motor vehicle models to be put into production without strict examination in accordance with the national technical standards for safety of motor vehicles, the responsible persons in charge and other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions of demotion or removal from office.Motor vehicle production enterprises, with permission of the department in charge of national motor vehicle products production of motor vehicles, the lack of motor vehicle safety technical standards of the state or not strictly motor vehicle product quality inspection, the quality is not qualified factory sales of motor vehicles, by the quality and technical supervision departments in accordance with the relevant provisions of the “product quality law of the People’s Republic of China” to give punishment.Whoever, without authorization, produces or sells motor vehicle models produced without the permission of the state department in charge of motor vehicle products shall have the finished motor vehicle products and accessories illegally produced or sold confiscated, and may concurrently be fined not less than three times but not more than five times the value of the illegal products;The administrative department for industry and commerce shall revoke the business license if it has one, and seal it up if it does not have one.According to the Provisions of Article 16 of the Provisions on Motor Vehicle Registration issued by the Ministry of Public Security: 1. Small and miniature passenger vehicles shall be equipped with anti-collision devices before and after;2. Freight motor vehicles shall be equipped with windproof cover, water tank, toolbox, spare tire rack, etc.;3. Increase interior decoration of motor vehicles.All three are allowed.In addition, any change in the brand, model and engine model of a motor vehicle, or any change in the appearance or relevant technical data of a registered motor vehicle shall be illegal refitting.Any modification of chassis, engine, suspension, variable speed system, direction system, tire hub, lamp, color painting and appearance structure of a motor vehicle, or the relevant technical data of a motor vehicle inconsistent with the data announced by the department in charge of motor vehicle products under The State Council without permission of the traffic administrative department of the public security shall be deemed as modification.(Announcement data include: vehicle steering form, body size, fuel type, number of leaf springs, wheelbase, number of tires, tire specifications, total mass, approved load mass, environmental compliance, displacement/power, number of shafts and vehicle appearance photos)