“Let’s part!What a 62-year-old man really feels after a hookup

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Old people are afraid of no money, afraid of no one.The children are busy each, seldom take out time to accompany the elderly, so the old people on their own to solve their own problems, they get along with each other to live together, life to take care of at the same time, psychological comfort.But is cohabitation really as good as imagined?This is probably like drinking water, lengnuanzizhi.To be honest, my daughter did not support my decision to live together.My daughter advised me, you are now at this age, you have retirement salary, also have their own house, a person to live freely, is not good?If you’re really afraid of being alone, come and live with us.Besides, moving in at your age, what’s a babysitter?Hearing my daughter say this, I am very angry, we elderly people also have the right to choose the lifestyle, also can not be around their children every day.I feel that my daughter is interfering in my life, blocking my right to pursue happiness, perhaps out of rebellious psychology, I regardless of the daughter’s opposition, resolutely moved into The Old Zhao.Before living with Lao Zhao, we had been together for more than half a year. In my eyes, he is an outgoing and humorous person. We often drink tea, chat, walk and travel with a group of friends.Therefore, I was full of expectation to live with Lao Zhao in my old age, and I was full of expectation that my old age life would be happier and better from now on.But since we’ve been cohabitating, reality has taken a 360-degree turn.At the beginning, Lao Zhao always coaxed me and left me alone at home to do housework, buy food and cook. Then he would go out alone and eat ready-made food when he came back.Later, he brought back his grandson and asked me to take care of the child. Not only that, but also the living expenses of the family, Lao Zhao proposed to go Dutch on the grounds that no one would lose, and I would share half.Day by day, Lao Zhao was still a cheerful and humorous man in the eyes of others, and I became the yellow face of the old woman, every day to get up early to buy vegetables, wash clothes, do sanitation, one to 8 o ‘clock Lao Zhao’s son will send the child, let me take, I want to give the child a bath and feed, coax sleep every day tired straight waist.And I already have dizziness, a tired attack.One day, Lao Zhao’s son just picked up the child, I could not stand up on the sofa, dizzy, the world whirled around, I struggled to get up, but really could not stand up, I wanted to take a moment to go into the room to rest, while Lao Zhao looked at his mobile phone, smiling happily to send voice messages with friends about tomorrow morning fishing.I propped up my head and said to Lao Zhao, “I don’t feel well. Wash the bowl today.”Lao Zhao listened to the head did not lift, only self-care ground said 1: I just don’t wash.I got dizzy and threw up before I could run to the bathroom.The living room floor was covered in my vomit and smelled bad.My person afflicts not line, weak ground beseeans old zhao: taste big, you clean here first once, I really have no strength……To my surprise, Lao Zhao gave me a look of disgust and walked away as if I were a plague.Old Zhao hid in his room and shouted, How can I clean up this mess?I’m calling your daughter!Say that finish really dial the phone to come.Half an hour later, my daughter arrived.She looked at me with eyes full of love, and then clean the ground without a word, I saw her eyes are red.At this moment I like a vent temper, toss toss toss to make partners, I in the end what it!Since I live in Lao Zhao’s house, I have to do housework to take care of him, but also to take care of his grandson, he thinks that I should do all kinds of work, money is also different, I mixed into this is not as good as a nanny, at least the nanny has a salary, BUT I became a nanny with pay.I looked at my daughter and felt guilty.I had not seen better than my young daughter through most of my life. She had already explained to me the advantages and disadvantages of living together.Write in the end: get along with a partner to live not to be bound by law, but since the decision is together should consider seriously, otherwise be like wei aunt so already give money again output, lead return not equal to nurse, true too tie heart.Partner to live, originally is two old people accompany each other to live, at the beginning really do not have too high expectations, it is not so beautiful and easy to imagine, people’s selfish greed weakness will be reflected in this “cooperation” incisively and vividly.So think twice before you decide to partner up.Tell me what you think of old people living together!