In January, the first China-Europe freight train (Wuhan) departed for the Year of the Tiger

2022-05-15 0 By

Carrying electronic equipment, auto parts, clothing and epidemic prevention materials, the first China-Europe freight train X8015 in the Year of the Tiger leaves Wujiashan Railway Station for Duisburg, Germany, via Alashan Pass, with a blast of a siren on The second day of the Chinese New Year on February 2.Statistics from railway authorities show that in the first month of 2022, a total of 24 china-Europe freight trains (Wuhan) were shipped, with a value of 1.026 billion yuan, up 25.05%. Among them, 14 trains went to Wuhan, up 18.2% year on year, making a “good start” to the New Year.Against the backdrop of the pandemic, shipping and air transport have been disrupted, and the safe and efficient China-Europe freight trains have bucked the trend.Since the beginning of this year, China-Europe Freight Train (Wuhan) has continuously transported epidemic prevention supplies and industrial chain supplies to European countries, continuously injecting “Chinese strength” into the global fight against COVID-19 and boost the economy, said an official from Hanou International, the operating platform company of China-Europe Freight train (Wuhan).Up to now, a total of 90 standard containers weighing 435.84 tons have been transported, including protective suits, surgical gowns and surgical masks.Some trains are loaded with lanterns, candlesticks, window stickers and other goods for the Chinese New Year in Europe, carrying “lunar New Year flavor” and “nostalgia” to overseas Chinese in Europe.Since the beginning of this year, the china-Europe freight train (Wuhan) transport routes have become more and more abundant, and the driving effect has become increasingly prominent.On January 20, the “Wuhan-Manzhou-Usttiluka-Germany” rail-sea combined freight train was launched.