I’m the champion of braised rice!Rice cooker hainan chicken rice who love

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Top1 ️ Soft and tender, delicious in every way this braised rice is a lazy version of Hainanese chicken rice. ————————‍️ Ingredients: Chicken thighs, scallions, garlic cloves, coriander, ginger, dried ginger powder, pepperBoneless chicken thigh add pepper powder dried ginger powder marinated ️. Butter pot into garlic, ginger slices, coriander root, chicken leg meat fried ️.Rice cooker into rice and water, pan fried ingredients into the rice cooker pad a piece of scallion press the cooking key ️.Taste extremely fresh, coriander, millet hot sauce, fish sauce, lemon juice, sugar, sesame oil sauce ———————Tips: butter can be replaced by peanut oil