A total of nine university majors were applied for by the most civil servants, with finance and economics accounting for the majority

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Guide language: take an examination of public number every year is numerous, what major are they graduate?What’s so special about your professional background?Let’s analyze it together.This year’s graduates still have two or three months to say goodbye to their Alma mater alone, so are you ready for graduation?Have you done your work?The number of students graduating this year has reached a new high, and the job market is not optimistic due to international tensions and the spread of the epidemic in China.A large number of college graduates flood into the talent market together to compete for employment opportunities, to improve their own ability, in order to establish themselves in the society, not to be knocked down by others.The university majors most civil servants apply for are nine, with finance accounting for the majority. Many people joke that “the end of the universe is the establishment”, which shows that the establishment has played an unshakeable role in our minds in recent years.Work pressure is low, a job as long as you don’t make big mistakes, you can work until retirement.There is no need to worry about unemployment and cut-throat competition, which is what many people want.”Thousands of troops and horses crossing a log bridge” civil service examination, so many people failed to fight, continue to remain dormant, the next year to fight again, civil servants have a great dedication.Which majors are more suitable for civil servants?Is the law profession saturated and hard to find?Is it really so?We have made rough statistics, and there are nine majors that attract more civil servants.Accounting major students, quick thinking, delicate mind, more serious, logical, so they are more suitable for civil service posts.The number of applicants is also relatively large.This is followed by finance and law, and many students are admitted to the civil service.Many of the students who graduated from some very good universities of politics and Law in China took the civil service examination and entered some departments of the public security Law.Visible study law is not necessarily can not find a job, as long as the gold will shine.Chinese language and literature major and computer science and technology major college students, because of the particularity of its major, is also the number of civil servants admitted more.Due to the clampdown on after-school training institutions in China, many students majoring in literature who are preparing to be teachers after graduation turn to take the civil service examination. They have a correct learning attitude and excellent professional knowledge, so they can easily go on shore.Computer professional students, and in private enterprises live 996 or even 007 inside volume life, it is better to take an examination of civil servants, once and for all, no middle-aged unemployment pressure, no malignant inside volume, why not?As is shown in the picture, it is indisputable that finance and economics are the most suitable for civil servants.The student of this kind of major, can enter oneself for an examination relevant a lot of units and a lot of posts.But professional counterparts, but also to study hard, actively prepare for the test, will not become a runner.What do you need to do to get ashore?Let’s comb it together.During the university study, apply to join the Communist Party of China, show their firm political stance, advanced thinking, high consciousness, so when registering for the civil service, can become their own extra points.Some positions even require party members.So even if study at school, also want to draw close to party organization actively.All kinds of vocational and technical certificates, commonly known as “sentry certificate”, are required for job access, such as nurse qualification certificate, medical practitioner qualification certificate, accounting certificate, etc.Even some units also need English 46 certificates.The importance of degree card is self-evident, after undergraduate course graduates, can take bachelor degree card below normal circumstances, distinguish at adult undergraduate course, teach undergraduate course by correspondence, it is the reflection with high gold content of the university.This year’s graduate student attends officeholder exam, how can this certificate be little?Because individual student fails, although the reason such as demerit is full-time undergraduate course graduation, but also did not take bachelor degree card, when entering oneself for an examination such officeholder, want to see clear requirement.Whether this certificate is required.When is it appropriate for school students to start preparing for the civil service examination?Some people don’t think so, feel that their foundation is good, the examination of the public, did not take the review seriously, it is obvious to accompany runners, but some students began to prepare from the third year, develop a detailed review plan, carefully comb the test points, do know.Time is short and the task is heavy, how to allocate time to review, how to do everything and focus?The study is heavy professional, many people from the fourth year to prepare for the public landing, the rhythm is tense and orderly, pleasing results.Finally do not live up to their own efforts and sweat, so that they did not do useless work, making everything meaningful.Message: some majors are more suitable for civil servants, some are not quite suitable, but it is not absolute, the students who decide to take an examination of the public must review in advance, do the relevant preparation work, cramming may not be useful.Don’t take chances. Fortune favors those who toil, not those who do nothing.This year’s graduates in the examination of civil servants do not blindly follow the trend, find the target, recognize themselves, targeted review, better than the eyebrows beard.Well prepared for the written interview, serious and practical, sincere attitude, both lofty ideals, but also bow to the tenacity of the work, which unit does not like the graduates?