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Beautiful scenery of Rural Ningxia.Xinhua News Agency issued an almost new small stove, sell or keep, is “immigrant” Lao Ma on the fifth day of the Chinese New Year to consider a problem.Ma Zhande, 67, is a villager of Shengli Village, Lingsha Township, Pingluo County, Shizuishan City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.Since moving into his new home in October 2020, Ma has discarded and sold off a number of items, including a large stove, which ma now has to replace with a small one.”The big stove is sold as scrap iron, only a few hundred yuan.””We’re sort of immigrants now.I have moved to the new village, and the living conditions are so different that I can’t use the big stove any more.”Talking about why he sold the big one to buy the small one, Ma said that the old house was cold and drab in winter, and the big stove could not warm the house. Now the new house with white walls and blue tiles has good heat preservation, and there is a toilet in the house. “I don’t need to bother the fire at night any more.”Wang Jinhu, director of Shengli Village, said that old Ma’s ability to move into the new house benefited from the construction of large villages in the village in recent years.”In order to solve the problem of vacant land in rural areas, we will withdraw all the ‘hollow groups’ in the village and relocate all the families that have housing needs to centralized residential areas.In addition to reclamation, the “village enterprise cooperation” mode has also attracted social investment to build two beef cattle and mutton sheep breeding parks and one luhua chicken breeding base.”Old Ma told reporters that the house allocated to his family is nearly 700 square meters, and it only cost more than 100,000 yuan to buy and decorate the house. Renting out the family’s land can earn tens of thousands of yuan a year.”When you move in, you just build a kang and set up curtains, which is no different from ‘carrying a bag and moving in’. I thought the good days would end like this, but who would have thought there would be good things a year later.”In October 2021, Lao Ma’s house was connected to natural gas, which he said was a good thing, but also caused today’s “trouble”.Ma said, “After installing natural gas, we use natural gas to cook, heat and bathe in our homes.There is no need for coats in the house now.””Don’t sell it, it may not be used in the future, put it in the warehouse to eat ashes.Sell it. It’s a pity it didn’t last long.”Ma laughed and poured out his “troubles,” but no one could give the right answer. The room echoed with the sound of His wife, He Xiaoling, chopping the stuffing.”Sell it or not, for we have neither money nor room in the house.But rest assured, our days will be more and more prosperous.”Wang Jinhu said that Shengli village is a migrant village for flower arrangement, and the construction of a large village is an important measure to achieve rural revitalization. In addition to access to natural gas, kindergartens, happy nursing homes, cultural entertainment venues and other infrastructure are also being built.”We want to make this a place of peace for the people and let them stay homesick.”Old ma finally decided, small furnace first not sell.”When your grandchild grows up, show him what life used to be like and how good times came.”▼ ▼ make album | Joan liu WeChat number public copyright to reprint this WeChat public content: 1.Must keep the picture and text complete, refuse any form of deletion;2. Complete labeling of copyright, manuscript source and author;3. If it is not reproduced in accordance with this provision, this wechat public account reserves the right to pursue its legal responsibility.Focus on agriculture, rural areas and farmers to strengthen rural revitalization strategy Welcome to contribute website: Newspaper: Newspaper: