Market people no longer confused!Do a good job of market data analysis, unlock the “high traffic” password

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In recent years, the industry market is turbulent, many friends often come to complain, now the market competition is really too fierce.Why is that?Now every enterprise marketing people are racking their brains to think of innovative solutions;Get out there and drive user growth;Working hard to improve customer conversion;Everyone’s working so hard to get the results done…So, how can we strategize and stand out in a competitive market?In fact, the key is to do a good job of market analysis, only the right medicine, understand the opponent, in order to win a glimmer of life.May have friends ask, we do market data analysis report is mainly to analyze what content?1, the market capacity analysis when we choose to enter a market, the first thing to consider the elements must be the size of this market size, whether there is enough consumer market and the crowd support afford consumption, through the analysis of the market capacity can draw business circle in front of the dealer market volume size and the number of businesses in the market.Based on this, we can predict the market supply and demand and formulate the expected plan targets, which can be used as an auxiliary means for us to select a market or to count the recent changes in the market volume.2. Competitive Product Analysis Generally speaking, we can compare and analyze our competitors’ products.We can get a real picture by circling the angles that need to be investigated from our competitors’ products.After listing the objective data, it is necessary to draw conclusions based on the data, give the advantages and disadvantages of the comparison between products and activities, as well as the direction and suggestions for adjustment.3. User Analysis User analysis is mainly to identify target groups for products and achieve accurate marketing through analysis.We can label users according to their different attributes, such as behavior, identity and so on.In order to understand the user more thoroughly and improve the service quality, the user portrait analysis of the product is carried out.After we understand the content elements of market data analysis, we can use the following methods and tools to complete the analysis.Comparative analysis: When we do market data analysis, we will certainly have multiple data for comparison. Through comparative analysis, we will make comparative analysis of multiple data dimensions and analyze the differences, so that we can find the law and value of data.Structural analysis: by analyzing and studying the whole part and the whole analysis method, the index of each part is compared and analyzed.Crossover analysis: we need to cross-compare the data and analyze the intersection points of different variables in the data.Group analysis: A method of grouping data for analysis according to their characteristics.In addition to mastering market data analysis methods, we also need to use a good tool to get twice the result with half the effort.Xiaobian here recommends a complete and powerful data analysis tool Smartbi, which can solve your problems from data access to data presentation, so that you can easily do data analysis.I heard that Smartbi is about to launch new features, it is really exciting ~