Yongzhou city education bureau party secretary, director Huang Zan school: always keep the “test” on the road sober and firm

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Editor’s Note According to the work requirements of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision, yongzhou Municipal Party Committee decided to carry out the “mirror” to promote reform of the case in the whole city this year.Party committees (Party groups) at all levels of the city firmly carried out special warning education activities, and the main responsible persons took the lead in writing their experiences.”Clean Yongzhou” today published the 16th issue, please pay attention.Since the launch of the special activity of promoting reform with the case, I have adhered to setting an example and conscientiously organized warning education activities in the city’s education system, watching warning education films loyalty and Betrayal 2021, The Fifth Lost Initial Mind and The Guardian of the Country.Zhou Lifu, Zhou Xinhui, Tang Jun and other “film people”, they had proud achievements, happy families, applause under the spotlight, but because of the loss of ideals and beliefs, deviate from the original mission, can not withstand the “sugar-coated shell” attack, become a negative model, the lesson is extremely profound.To human mirror, can know honor and disgrace;With the case as a mirror, alarm bells ringing.I will really take warning, draw lessons, prevent small problems, stick to the “test” original intention, life content, work know insufficient, always maintain incorrupt nature, cast without regret life.We should firm up our ideals and beliefs and keep the rudder of our thinking firmly.General Secretary Xi Jinping has warned the party that belief in Marxism, socialism and communism is the spiritual “calcium” of Communists.Without ideals and beliefs, if they are not firm, they will be mentally “cartilaginous” and will waver in front of the wind and rain.It can be clearly seen from the cases of violation of discipline and law in the warning educational films that the fundamental reason for the people in the films to go against the party and the people and fall into the abyss of corruption is the lack or wavering of ideals and beliefs, thus severely distorting their world outlook, outlook on life and values, and failing to defend the defense line against corruption and degeneration.Vacillation of ideals and beliefs is the most dangerous kind of vacillation, and the slide of ideals and beliefs is the most dangerous kind of slide.We must make it our primary political task to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and work hard to put our thinking and understanding into practice. We must be sincere and profound, well-integrated and practical, persistent and steadfast in our actions. We must lay a solid foundation for our beliefs, replenish our spiritual strength, and keep our thinking steady.Strictly observe political discipline and forge the “soul of loyalty”.Discipline rules are the most reliable “bulletproof vest” for party members and cadres.Of party discipline and rules, political discipline and rules come first, and strict observance of them is a fundamental requirement for comprehensively governing the Party with strict discipline.”The people” corrupt one important reason is the emergence of political change, do not keep political discipline and rules, some are keen to “dock culture”, “circle culture” the pursuit of “cash” power, said a set, behind to do a face to face, on the same, all the same, become a part of “the dichotomy” “double-dealing”.”Politicians, zhengalso.”Party members and leading cadres must always adhere to the requirements of political practice, often check the criteria and tables, timely correct deviations, strictly implement democratic centralism, eliminate the “seven principles”, firmly safeguard the “two principles”, resolutely uphold the “two principles”, and constantly improve their political judgment, political understanding, and political execution.Improve the ability to fully, accurately and comprehensively understand and implement the central decision-making and deployment and the work requirements of the provincial party committee and provincial government, municipal party committee and municipal government, so as to be a sober and sensible person in politics.Keep our mission firmly in mind and abide by the original aspiration of serving the people.The original aspiration and mission of Chinese Communists is to seek happiness for the Chinese people and rejuvenation for the Chinese nation.General Secretary Xi Jinping warned us, “The original aspiration will not naturally preserve its quality and freshness. If you are not careful, you may become dusty and fade, and if you do not nourish it for a long time, it will dry up and wither. It is easy to forget why we set out and where we are going, and it is easy to get lost and lost.”The primary status of a leading party member is to be a Communist, the primary duty is to work for the Party, and the primary objective is to benefit the people.The reason why “people in the film” fell into the abyss of violation of laws and regulations is that they threw their original aspiration and mission into the clouds. They got lost, lost, and went astray.The people’s aspiration for a better life is our goal.Party members and leading cadres should make it their lifelong task to remain true to their original aspiration and keep their mission firmly in mind. They should maintain an indomitable spirit and an indomitable attitude of struggle, regard their mission as life, make their original aspiration become perseverance, and practice their original aspiration with perseverance.Based on my post, I will keep in mind the mission of educating people for the Party and the country, focus on the people’s demand for quality education from “having a good school” to “learning”, deepen the practice activities of the theme of “I do practical things for the people”, and promote the establishment of clean institutions and “100 Institutes” clean campus demonstration sites.We will focus on the outstanding problems existing in personnel selection and appointment, project bidding and tendering, teacher ethics and ethics construction, implementation of the “double reduction” policy, promotion of the reform of education evaluation in the new era, and subscription of teaching materials. We will strengthen the integrity and discipline, actively respond to the concerns of the people, and effectively improve the people’s happiness and satisfaction.Focus on fame and gain and loss, and consolidate the “foundation for performing duties”.In today’s era of peace, party members and leading cadres often face tests, perhaps more than life and death, blood and fire, but gains and losses, fame and wealth;The key is what kind of attitude to treat fame and loss.Leading Party members, especially leading cadres, have more power than ordinary people, shoulder heavier responsibilities, and fulfill more obligations than ordinary people. They should not only “value” gains and losses, but also reap what they sow. They should be proactive, work hard, and make achievements and achievements.And to “see light” gains and losses, the correct treatment of personal fame and wealth, indifferent, calm loss.The people in the film have distorted views of gain and loss, indulged in the pursuit of fame and fortune, slipped into the mire of corruption, led to the collapse of spiritual support, and finally became prisoners of fame and fortune.Party members and leading officials should keep a balance in mind, put personal gains and losses aside from fame and fortune, and regard their responsibilities as mount Taice.They should set high standards in their work and live a life that is more important to the poor than their performance, rather than pay, rather than performance, rather than style, rather than enjoyment.We should carry forward the “three-focus” spirit and maintain the “three-dry” style, and effectively transform the cultivation of trust of the Party and the people into practical actions of faithful performance of duties and undertaking of work.Have the courage to carry out self-revolution and build a “self-discipline dam”.The revolutionary spirit is the genetic code passed down from generation to generation of Communists.Only by maintaining the revolutionary spirit and revolutionary will, facing up to our own problems, having the courage to carry out self-revolution and turning inward can we overcome the difficulties and obstacles on our way forward and better shoulder the historical responsibilities entrusted by the new era.Party members leading cadres to “long-term preservation”, not only rely on heteronomy, but also on self-discipline.One common characteristic of the people in the film is that they lose the spirit of self-revolution, can not resist temptation, relax and indulge themselves, and their ideological heights are occupied bit by bit, which proves that the lack of self-revolution spirit leads to “greed, depravity and corruption”, and they are bound to fall into the abyss.He who can defeat a strong enemy wins himself first.Party members leading cadres should carry forward the spirit of thorough self-revolution, strict self-discipline, adhere to the cautious cautious at the beginning of the cautious little cautious desire, self-respect self-police self-encouragement, hold the first time, guard the first pass, out of the mire of “dirty new shoes will ‘no longer care for'”, is the heart of the road, with moral self-respect, overcome their own “internal misthinking”;We should keep a proper line between “affinity” and “qing”, strictly observe public and private standards, and engage in candid and sincere exchanges with the outside world. We should not exchange or trade what we have in common.The ancients said, “We will teach the whole world and correct its family and body.”The family style of party member leading cadre is not individual trifle, family private matter, however cadre style important expression.We should set up family rules, correct ourselves, and understand true love. We should not practice favoritism when we love our relatives, nor break discipline when we help them. We should pay closer attention to our family members and children, supervise them more frequently and strictly, and guide them to be good “secretaries of the commission for discipline inspection” in the family.He who aims to walk thousands of miles does not stop.Party member the leading cadre only forever “descend” conscious and determined in on the road, don’t do short pleasure, long lament. Painful life, don’t do wrong move lose life, maintain integrity, to write qualified answers in life, be worthy of the party and the people best answer, can in the new “place” on the road constantly got the good grades.(The author is Huang Zanxiao, secretary of the Education Bureau)