Technology empowers traditional art, pingdu holds online and offline double calligraphy and painting exhibition

2022-05-13 0 By

Peninsula all media reporter Xu Jie on February 11th, “New Era of calligraphy and color · Celebrating the 20th Party Congress — Pingdu 2022 Spring Painting and Folk Art Exhibition” was held in Qingdao Pingdu Culture Hall. On the first day of the activity, nearly 1,000 painting and calligraphy lovers came to the museum to watch the exhibition.It is understood that the event was jointly held by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Pingdu Municipal Committee, Pingdu Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Pingdu Culture and Tourism Bureau, Pingdu Rong Media Center, Pingdu Government Offices Service Center, And Pingdu Holding Group Co., LTD.This Spring Festival painting and calligraphy exhibition shows more than 200 pieces of painting and calligraphy works, with diverse forms, novel ideas, prominent themes and distinctive artistic characteristics.Calligraphy works really, line, grass, li, seal script, or to the Wei and Jin book, or to tang Kai carefree, pen Zulongshe, flowing water, rendering.Art works landscape, flowers and birds are excellent, touch, splashing ink freehand brushwork, showing the majority of literary and art workers express their feelings, show feelings, euloquies the new era, writing the people’s happy life creation theme.”Seeing your paintings and calligraphy works, I feel that there is a strong artistic atmosphere lingering in front of us, thriving let people feel in the art palace.I wish our motherland a more prosperous and prosperous country, and I wish pingdu people a prosperous life.”Ms. Xu said.”Today is a grand event in the art world. The works on display are full of themes, rich in content, pleasing to the eye and breathtaking, and a vivid interpretation of the artist’s deep and rooted life.As a member of the literary and art circles, next, I will continue to adhere to the people-centered, show more beauty and vitality of The Times, create more high melody, positive energy, keep up with The Times of fine works, make greater contributions to pingdu calligraphy and painting art in the new era.”Exhibition artist Gao Dengzhou said.”The exhibition of calligraphy and painting for the Spring Festival reflects the harmonious society to create a healthy and festive festive atmosphere, and at the same time, it better publicizes the traditional Chinese culture, and also publicizes and promotes the overall taste of Pingdu calligraphy and painting art.”Pingdu pei-qiang li, chairman of the federation, said the exhibition on display the works of novel idea, style each different, full of the author of the excellent traditional culture of infinite love and best wishes to the motherland, reveals the confidence and determination to rock era theme, contributing to “addition to the lounge, brightness bridgehead” vigorous upward force of literature and art.It is understood that the exhibition will last until February 20.In order to enable more citizens to enjoy these masterpieces, the organizers specially launched VR online exhibition hall, citizens can follow the “Pingdu Literary Federation” wechat public account cloud to see the exhibition.”Online”, “offline” integration development, science and technology can empower traditional art, 720 degree panoramic experience without dead Angle, this exhibition of calligraphy and painting let the public feel a different kind of artistic charm.