Gu is wearing an Anta suit, China’s best sportswear company chasing Nike

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Entry editor | Zhang Shuhan column editor | LZ Top flow Gu Ailing won the championship wearing bright Chinese red down jacket, this is still familiar to us anta?Since 2009, Anta has been the official partner of the Chinese Olympic Committee for 7 consecutive years.In this year’s Winter Olympics, it made the most equipment for 12 Chinese national teams in 15 events.With a market capitalisation of HK $351.162bn, the creative and branded company is far ahead of the hk $214.9bn of li Ning, the established rival.Zheng Jie, executive director and president of Anta Group, said that anta could become a recognized world-class sports goods company in five years, ranking no. 2 and becoming one of the best companies in this industry.It’s going after Nike.Main business and actual controller?Anta sports is family holding company, through Ding Shizhong, ding family, Ding Yali and shi-xian lai, Wang Wenmo, five yong-hua wu family trust plan 100% holding international group holdings “anta”, to set up anda holding international, anda anta sports investment capital as well as direct ownership, Ding Shizhong owns 19.704%, is the largest shareholder in the family.It was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2007.Company positioning professional sports, fashion sports and outdoor sports brand.Professional Sports include Anta, Anta Children and Sprandi; fashion Sports group includes FILA, FILA KIDS, FILA FUSION and KINGKOW; outdoor Sports brand group includes Descente and Kolon Sports.How is the income? Is it profitable?From 2016 to 2020, the annual compound growth rate of Anta Sports revenue was 21.62%, and the annual compound growth rate of net profit was 17.89%.In 2020, the revenue of shoes, clothing and accessories accounted for 35.76%, 61.02% and 3.21%, and the revenue of its brand FILA exceeded that of Anta for the first time, reaching 17.45 billion yuan.According to the announcement, the group’s revenue growth rate will not be less than 35% year-on-year in 2021, and its performance growth rate will not be less than 45% year-on-year, as DTC’s direct-operated stores performed better than expected in the second half, pushing up revenue growth.Is the level of management and returns high?Anta Sports issued a market value of 3.268 billion Hong Kong dollars in 2007, the current market value of 351.162 billion Hong Kong dollars, an increase of 107 times.From 2016 to the first half of 2021, the total assets reached 14.224 billion yuan to 54.193 billion yuan, up 281%;Owners’ equity increased from 9.896 billion yuan to 29 billion yuan, and asset-liability ratio increased from 30 percent to 46 percent.ROE fell to 15.10% from 26.32%.Total dividends 37 times 17.027 billion yuan, dividend rate 58.41%.Where is the future growth?Anta sports’ new 10-year strategy is “single focus, multiple brands, globalization”.It has applied for more than 1,400 patents in total, and invested 870 million yuan in R&D in 2020, leading the industry, and will invest more than 20 billion yuan in 2030.The future growth of the company comes from the globalization process of the joint venture holding “Yamafin Group” in 2019, so as to reach the five goals of 1 billion euros by 2025.How do you value it?Anta sports current price-earnings ratio, price-to-book ratio are higher than the historical valuation center.34 research institutions for its 2021-2023 forecast, the average estimated revenue of 58.379 billion yuan, 71.103 billion yuan, 85.430 billion yuan, the average estimated profit of 9.325 billion yuan, 11.721 billion yuan, 14.718 billion yuan.Driven by the Winter Olympic Games, it is expected that China’s ice and snow industry will explode to 690 billion yuan in 2022. As the first official sports apparel supplier of the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee, Anta will participate in the Winter Olympic Games with a full brand matrix. Anta will support the Chinese delegation, While Diesel will sponsor the Japanese delegation, and Poland will cooperate with FILA.In anta’s official store, the sales volume of the same sports T-shirt and yoga pants of Gu Eling reached more than 5,000. The related products of Archaeopteryx, which was newly added to anta’s brand camp, have been sold out, and the sales volume of Disante has doubled.Behind the successful marketing of the Winter Olympics is the clear planning of anta’s long-term strategy.On December 18, 2021, on the occasion of its 30th anniversary, the group will release a new ten-year strategy of “Single focus, Multiple brands, globalization”. By 2030, the group will invest more than 20 billion yuan to promote independent innovation research and development.Anta professional sports brand carries out the two core strategies of “professional oriented, brand upward”, and plans to achieve a compound growth rate of 18-25% in 2020-2025.FILA brand of fashion sports has gradually entered the stage of high-quality growth from high-speed growth in 2021.Outdoor sports will build the Chinese market of Disant and Kolon into the global benchmark market by 2030, strengthen the three major markets of Yamavin Group, China, North America and Europe, and achieve the five goals of 1 billion euros by 2025.(This report is based on z-chain entry · Anta Sports, more readers are welcome to discuss and argue with us, or put forward research topics to us.)The market has a risk investment need to be cautious source: blue chip enterprise review