Bright, east, beautiful

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As night falls, dongsheng welcomes the Arrival of the Year of the Tiger with thousands of lights and colorful New Year landscape lights.”Lit up” night sky, colorful lights and shadows flashing, colorful, dizzying, attracted many citizens and tourists to come to take photos, punch cards, make New Year wishes and wishes.”Now more and more years of atmosphere, the color of the night sky let people intoxicated, the New Year I hope we east better and better.”– Citizen Jin Gang “See a lot of colorful lights, like stars, especially beautiful, the Spring Festival is coming, wish everyone a happy Spring Festival.””Looking at the colorful lights, feel the smell of the New Year is very thick, take the children out to play for a while, I hope the year of the Tiger country prosperity, every family happiness and well-being.”Citizen Su Xiaoxia (reporter: Liu Donggao Ruitao Du Yuan Hou Zhijin) recommended reading check!Festival play happy more assured!Dongsheng Year of the Tiger Spring Festival Gala, high definition with your full review!This New Year gift makes Dongsheng a fairy tale world!Editor: Bai Huimin Review: Han Gaiqin Zhu Shaoli Liu Dong proof reading: Chi Jiangyao News hotline: 0477 — 8139311 Email submission: Statement: Dongsheng Rong Media Center original articles without authorization, prohibited reprint.The Platform reserves the right to pursue legal liabilities for those who do not comply with this statement.Don’t forget to like + watch!