As the saying goes, “The Yin Tiger replaces the xin ugly ox, and the common people do not have to worry about food and clothing.” Why would they say so

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The common saying is a kind of oral language spread among the people. It sounds like a slip of the tongue, but it has rich connotations.On the occasion of the New Year, yesterday and has been more than 70 years old three ye chat about the year of the tiger, three ye said such an old saying “Yin Tiger for xin ugly ox, people do not have to worry about food and clothing”, what is the meaning of this sentence?Why do you say that?Xiaobian went home to read a lot of books about the year of the Tiger, right or wrong, share with you, friends see and then discuss, I will tell you about this saying.”Ren Yin Hu” means that the year of Ren Yin is the year of the tiger. In the Gan zhi calendar of China, the character “Ren” belongs to the heavenly stem and the character “Yin” belongs to the earth branch. The so-called Gan zhi is the name of the pair of the two.The method of ganzhi Ji was also the wisdom of the ancients, who took the meaning of the trunk and branches of trees. In Huainan Zi Zhu Shu, it was said that “the branches should not be larger than the trunk”.It is said that the earliest concept of observing the sun is “gan”, and “zhi” is used to mark the moon. The moon and the sun are divided into Yin and Yang, and Yin and Yang symbolize the heaven, so they are called heavenly stem and earthly branches.Because people in ancient times are to use tiangan earth branch years, that is to say to ten tiangan namely: a, b, C, D, e, ji, geng, xin, ren, GUI, combined with twelve earth branch is the twelve zodiac:(rat), ugly (cattle), Yin (tiger), frame (rabbit), Chen “(dragon), has been (snake), lunch (horse), not (sheep),” (monkey), unitary (chicken), a (dog)), hai (pigs) to cooperate with each other, call: jia, YiChou, BingYin…And so on, going back and forth to form exactly 60 different groups of names.This is also known as the 60-year round, also known as a jia zi.Therefore, in case of what is the earth branch of the year is called what year, last year tiangan earth branch circulation with xin Chou, so also called the year of the Ox, this year tiangan Earth branch circulation with Ren Yin year, so also called the year of the tiger.”The Tiger of Ren Yin replaces the Ox of Xin Chou”, that is to say, the year of xin Chou is the year of ox, and the year of Tiger is replaced by the year of Ren Yin.In the Ganzhi calendar, there are six years of the Tiger: Jia Yin, Bingyin, Wuyin, Geng Yin, and Ren Yin.In the Book, there is a different explanation for the year of the Tiger. As many of you may know, it is a record and prediction reflecting farming, as well as the wisdom and summary of ancient people over the years.Water GanKuo “there is abundant, the spring and summer, autumn and winter, everywhere day leaves cooked. Wu GuMaiYi jiangdong, mulberry leaves not ShengGui, silk is half, more see seems as long as three years, the rice grain, the people are rich, animals were fierce. Tiger, value, head, everywhere good farmland, mulberry leaf is inexpensive, silkworm niang no sorrow, grain wheat into real, plow, without sorrow”.According to the Book, the year of the Tiger in the year of Renyin in 2022 will be a year of bumper crops, good weather, and prosperity for the country and the people. It will be a good year for agriculture, people’s happiness, food and clothing.That is, the folk said “too old”, too old sit this year branch, the value of too old, in fact, is the year of the birth, referred to as “too old”.”Stepping on the mo stick”, which is in god, is the most powerful god of gods, in charge of a year turbid, ideas of the gods. Born on five lines in the numerology grams, air-dried series, gan series, is the year of nonyl Yin, air-dried nonyl, for Yang, as water, gan is Yin, Yang, as the wood, YangShuiSheng YangMu flourish of elephant.Plants live on water, an image of the crops to harvest. And last year’s national, air-dried for Yin, for gold, gan ugly for Yin, for water, poor Yin kinson Yin water. Therefore, national years times than not nonyl Yin in good years. In years air-dried XinJinSheng nonyl water, last year’s angry drainage in the next year, the larger changes this year.That is to say, this year and last year, there is a difference between a good omen, this in five elements theory also lays a foundation for a bumper harvest this year. Coupled with the ancients through many years observation and sums up the nonyl Yin – the year of the tiger farming is a good year, harvest is common people hope and expectation, therefore, also has a “nonyl for national cow, tiger, and the people without sorrow”.Although we now have to keep a good harvest and drought, people also have eat not sorrow to wear, but in predominantly agricultural era, there is no advanced science and technology, people also can only so to foretell The Times of one year, in order to better do a good job in agricultural production. After all, is a part of folk culture, this also fully expressed the wisdom of the ancients and the pursuit of a better life.If you have different opinions on this saying, please leave a comment!