Yuan xiaoye county traffic police remediation drunk driving

2022-05-12 0 By

On the evening of February 15, the traffic management brigade of the Public Security Bureau of Rongxian County carried out a night inspection and rectification operation to prevent drunk driving traffic accidents, ensure the safety and unblocked roads under the jurisdiction of the Lantern Festival, and ensure the people’s safe travel.That night, the group according to the county drink-driving laws and characteristics of traffic violations, scientific and reasonable setting ZhiQinDian, in addition to the important traffic intersection in urban areas to set up the check card points, also actively to the villages and towns, green shade squadron, songshan squadron in jurisdictions respectively the main traffic intersections with a fixed flow check and inspect a combination of renovation work,Efforts will be made to curb the frequent occurrence of drunk driving in rural areas.Action, the auxiliary police on duty people make full use of alcohol tester, the law enforcement recorder, communication radio equipment such as law enforcement and inspection on the road traffic, every car will check, found drunk driving and do all kinds of traffic violations found together, investigate together, and shall be treated according to thus, forming high pressure with sympathetic, purify the road traffic environment.In the night’s action, the brigade investigated and dealt with 62 cases of various traffic violations, including 10 cases of drunk driving and 30 vehicles temporarily seized.Drunk driving is not only irresponsible for public safety, but also challenging the law. I hope all drivers refuse to drink driving and travel safely, and do not become a disharmonious note in road traffic.In the future, rong County public security traffic management department will continue to increase the crackdown on drunk driving traffic violations, increase the frequency of investigation, strengthen road control, strengthen road traffic safety management, to create a good road traffic environment for the masses.