Thirty-two of famous artist Fan Zhenghong’s seven works in a Day

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Today’s Traditional Chinese painting “Jiang Zhusha Chicken” and the previous “Back To The Clear Autumn” both show eight strokes, but there are also Mr. Fan’s own understanding.Name of poem and calligraphy: Cursive (Tsurumai/Yingti) Couplet Size: 138 x 35 x 2 (cm) Material: paper Date: 2014 Content: Tsurumai Spring Pond moon, Yingti Bi Tree wind.Knowledge: Ming joint sentence also, this record.Chinese painting Name: Jiang Zhusha Chicken Size: 44.8×31.5(cm) Creation Date: 1994 Material: paper seal: Set on the home of Confucius and Mencius (white) set on the bed of Confucius and Mencius (Zhu) seal: nest on the south branch Border style: nest on the south branch, red size:3.9×3.9× 5.7cm Creation time: 1991 Material: Qingtian stone purple sand product name: landscape double sailing size: bottom: 6.6cm height: 7.5cm Porcelain painting product name: Autumn gradually thick size: high 45cm character name: Feast diagram size: 75cm×96cm creation time: 2016 Interpretation: First: Feast diagram.Song and dance banquet in mingtang, phoenix bird in flying tile beam, sing a song from heaven, the right way is the vicissitudes of life.Knowledge: At the age of bingshen in spring, in quancheng Mountain Printing cottage, Fan Zhenghong.”Fan Zhenghong” (Bai Wen) Kong Yang (Zhu Wen) heart painting (Zhu Wen) Two: the scene of enjoyment of the Han people singing is visible in stu, music, music, dance, clothing, clothing can make the present people clearly observe it, Ming Tang, the characters leisurely appreciation;Under the eaves, the actors are playing.This Han painting is distinguished by its protruding carving.Knowledge: I was in the early spring of bingshen years, in the shanyin Thatched cottage of Quancheng, the hometown of Confucius and Mencius on the left of the mountain, the ancient Ren City, fan Zhenghong.Fan Zhenghong was born in May 1964 and began to work in July 1986. She is a member of the Communist Party of China.The dean and professor of the art institute of shandong university of finance and economics, director of xileng printing society, director of Chinese calligrapher’s association, seal cutting committee, institute researcher at the China academy of art of carving, the shandong province calligrapher’s association, vice President of the fourth, five, six, seal cutting, director of the committee of CPPCC member of shandong province and shandong province federation committee member, shandong mid-stream and President, painting and calligraphy institute, vice President of shandong,Qilu cultural master.