Foresight?Leave the team to join JDG into a wise decision, A water fans begged TES to let him go!

2022-05-12 0 By

Because of the Spring Festival coming, LPL is also entered the short offseason, and in the “electric JingChun super late week” finale, is also the last day of years ago, “the Milky Way battleship” in this season’s attention by TES team against the other class team OMG all China, surprisingly thought TES can easily win win,But it turned out to be a BO3 upset in the last game of the year.TES became one of the favourites to win this season through a series of moves in the transfer period ahead of the LPL.Before the game fans and audience to TES have much high expectations, so how disappointed after seeing their poor performance, even before the game lost to OMG, o water fans are also intolerable, not only went to TES official blog message said “disbanded”, even in o water fans super many posts hope TES can put o water transfer.See these hope shui shui to leave TES’s posts, let the netizens can not help but think of this year’s departure from the team to JDG’s last single 369.TES has been a frequent loser in the competition, and even left the company to become the target of ridicule for the documentary.However, leaving TES for JDG to become 369 was probably the best decision of his career. Not only did he move to a new team to gain a higher tactical status in JDG, he developed chemistry with his new teammates, and most importantly, his rating in JDG soared.Now 369 in JDG team is getting guidance from Homme, and his performance in the new team is getting better and better. Moreover, his remarkable progress also makes the impression of 369 from the original hero who does not love training and the cancer of the team to become the reliable Carry point of the team.Not only can Carry the team at the critical moment, the stone golems, once criticized, also changed their style on the field, and dared to open the group and beat the first hand to surprise the audience.What did the Internet think of it?Share your thoughts in the comments section below.