First observation | Understand the essence of Chinese traditional culture from the “living ancient City”

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On the morning of Jan. 27, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited the ancient city of Pingyao, Shanxi Province, to touch history and explore traditions in this “living ancient city”, conveying his historical awareness and cultural confidence in protecting the cultural roots of the Chinese nation.Pingyao ancient city, the pioneer of commerce, the hometown of civilization.Aerial photo taken on Jan. 21, 2018 shows the snow-covered scenery of the ancient city of Pingyao, east China’s Hebei Province.Built in the reign of King Xuan of the Western Zhou Dynasty, the ancient city has a history of more than 2,800 years. It is crisscrossing with more than 100 streets, more than 20 ancient temples and nearly 4,000 ancient houses.In 1997, it was inscribed on the World Cultural Heritage List, which was the first time for the whole ancient city in China to be inscribed as a World Heritage Site.According to UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee, Pingyao “presents a complete picture of extraordinary cultural, social, economic and religious development over the course of Chinese history”.Today, more than 10,000 residents are still living in this well-preserved and profound ancient city. They are imperceptibly feeling the long standing Chinese civilization and carrying it forward from generation to generation.Chinese culture is both historical and contemporary;It belongs to both the nation and the world.This “living ancient city” shines with the essence of traditional Chinese culture of The Times, revealing the roots and origins of a country and a nation.”If there is no 5,000-year Chinese civilization, how can there be Chinese characteristics?If it were not for Chinese characteristics, where would the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics be as successful as we are today?”The rich historical and cultural heritage nourishes the Chinese nation.General Secretary Xi Jinping’s words inspire us to firmly protect the spiritual lifeline of the Chinese nation, tap into the essence of Chinese civilization, carry forward fine traditional culture, and unswervingly follow the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics.”To be an excellent inheritor of traditional culture” — to retain historical roots and carry forward Chinese civilization has always been what General Secretary Xi Jinping has been thinking and doing. He visited Yongqing Square in Guangzhou, Chaozhou Archway Street, Shantou Small Park opening district, and Three lanes and seven alleyways in Fuzhou.They went to Dunhuang, the pearl of the Silk Road, and climbed jiayuguan pass of the Great Desert. They stressed that they should “cherish the precious cultural heritage left to us by our ancestors” and “protect the endless roots of the Chinese nation spirit”.Reading yungang Grottoes in the ancient city of Datong, the stone history book, inspecting the protection of historical and cultural heritage, the heart of the time-honored cultural inheritance……In recent years, many historical and cultural relics have left the footprints of the General Secretary.He spoke in words and with deep feeling, revealing his constant concern and thinking about protecting historical and cultural heritage.As General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out during the survey, “The historical and cultural heritage carries the genes and blood of the Chinese nation. It belongs not only to our generation, but also to future generations.”How to protect the precious wealth left to us by our predecessors?”We must respect history, culture and ecology.” General Secretary Xi Jinping has stressed on many occasions that historical and cultural heritage should be protected in an all-round way.The rich and complete historical remains are the foundation of pingyao ancient City.As one of the most well-preserved ancient cities in China, the planning, protection, restoration and construction of Pingyao Is a testament to the far-sighted vision of the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China: “If we love this city, we must take good care of it and build it well”. We should not “over-repair, over-development”, “demolish the real and build fake”, and avoid “all the same cities”…His sincere wishes are based on General Secretary Xi Jinping’s profound thinking on the continuation of cultural context.Extensive and profound cultural accumulation is the soul of pingyao ancient City.From “repair the old, preserve the true” to protect the traditional dwellings, improve the living environment, to explore the cultural connotation, the development of cultural industry…Pay attention to the protection of “form”, more prominent “god” inheritance.The integration of history and culture with modern life has brightened the cultural background of people’s happy life.Pingyao is the birthplace of Jin Merchants. Rishengchang Bank pioneered the development of China’s financial industry.In rishengchang Ticket Museum, General Secretary Xi Jinping learned about the incubation and development of Shanxi merchants culture and spirit.He stressed that it is necessary to strengthen cultural confidence, deeply explore the cultural connotation of Jin merchants, better carry forward the fine traditional Chinese culture, better serve economic and social development and people’s high-quality life.Not forgetting the original can open up the future, good at inheritance can better innovation.As the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger approaches, lanterns hang high in the ancient city, and ink floats in fragrance.Wrapped in white and white, “China red” is particularly dazzling.The strong traditional festival culture and customs attract tourists from all over the country to step into a “courtyard”, into the world of Jin merchants in The Ming and Qing Dynasties, and savor the profound cultural deposits.In Pingyao beef shop, Tuiguang lacquer shop and East Lake Old Vinegar Workshop, General Secretary Xi Jinping, while feeling the strong flavor of the New Year, was thinking about protecting these cultural treasures and promoting the traditional cultural industry with national characteristics to the world.”The fine traditional Chinese culture created and continued by the Chinese nation in thousands of years of history is the root and soul of the Chinese nation.”General Secretary Xi Jinping has proposed creative transformation and innovative development, and in the context of the new development of The Times, the fine traditional Chinese culture will be endowed with new connotation, expression forms and vitality of The Times.”New” and “live”, for pingyao ancient city perfusion full of vitality.In recent years, it has not only attracted the world’s attention with its ancient city walls, ancient dwellings, old traditions and old crafts, but also successfully created three cultural name cards of “Pingyao International Photography Exhibition”, “Pingyao Chinese Year” and “Pingyao International Film Exhibition”, opening new doors one after another.This ancient city of the East confidently steps out to embrace the world.Context is long, with the ancient for the new.General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed the need to strike a balance between inheritance and innovation, making use of the past and bringing forth the new.It is precisely by adhering to the principle of “development through protection and utilization through inheritance” that Pingyao Ancient City has explored a win-win road of protection and development, full of vitality and infinite vitality.”To protect and inherit our historical and cultural heritage is to be responsible for history and the people.”To protect our historic and cultural cities and inherit our historical and cultural heritage is to protect the past glory, present resources and future hope of the Chinese nation, to preserve the Chinese culture passed down from generation to generation, and to watch over our common spiritual home.Based on reality, rooted in history, guide the future.Entering the new era, General Secretary Xi Jinping has clearly stated that “we should continue to integrate the basic tenets of Marxism with China’s actual conditions and with the fine traditional Chinese culture.” This has bred the essence of the Chinese culture and spirit of The Times, and gathered more basic, deeper and more enduring strength.The light of civilization illuminates the road to revival.Looking across the land of China, the ancient cities are full of vitality, and the pictures spread out slowly, stirring a strong Chinese flavor, deep Chinese feeling, and magnificent national soul.The Chinese culture continues to carry forward and flourish, which contains the mystery of pingyao ancient City’s glorious bloom, more engraved under the decoding of cultural confidence of The Times answer.Producer: Zhao Cheng planning: HuoXiaoGuang lead: Shi Jingnan plan as a whole: xiao-song zhang, wang ribbon, white visual | editor: George yeo, Zhang Huihui, BaoYuHan Xinhua instead make The Xinhua News Agency produced by the first studio