Adding cultural flavor to the Year of the Tiger The world’s first spring cultural innovation Center continues to be hot

2022-05-12 0 By

The Lunar New Year is not only a time for family reunion, but also an important carrier for carrying forward traditional culture.To this end, in addition to vigorously promoting spring water culture and Spring Festival culture by holding activities and adding New Year decorations, the scenic spot also actively innovates publicity methods and adds cultural flavor to the Spring Festival in the year of the Tiger through cultural and creative products.This Spring Festival holiday, the world’s best cultural and Creative Center continues to be popular, becoming the first choice for many citizens and tourists to clock in.Founded in December 2019, Baotu Spring Cultural and Creative Center has two stores in Daming Lake and Baotu Spring. The two stores are committed to building the world’s best Cultural and creative brand, but each has its own characteristics and distinctive style.Among them, Minghu store highlights folk characteristics, And Baotu Spring store focuses on spring culture.After sustained development and unremitting publicity and promotion in recent years, the cultural and creative Center has become more and more famous, and its products are more and more popular. It has become one of the “scenic spots” that many citizens and tourists must punch in when they visit the scenic spot.Especially in 2021, yiquan Cultural and Innovation Center has achieved rapid development.Throughout the year, not only the new launch of “Jinan eight scenes of milk tea”, “And the lotus series of cultural innovation”, “cultural innovation ice cream” and other best-selling products, but also many times to participate in a variety of exhibitions, actively publicity scenic spots, publicity Jinan culture.Up to now, the cultural and creative Center has launched 30 categories and nearly 500 cultural and creative products, among which the maximum daily customer flow of golden Week cultural and creative Center reaches 80,000 people.Yiquan series, Rabbit King series, Li Qingzhao series and other cultural and creative products, as well as yiquan milk tea and other peripheral products sales are hot.With the world’s first spring cultural and creative center popularity, reputation, influence gradually enhanced, this year’s Spring Festival holiday, cultural and creative center heat is more unabated, many citizens and tourists flocked to cultural and creative center to select cultural and creative products, taste cultural and creative food, feel the connotation of cultural and creative……Not only did I get the pleasure of shopping, but I also experienced the unique Quancheng culture.The lunar New Year holiday, gen center lasts hot, not only because this article product travel service is the unique expression of feeling, add thick culture breath, for the New Year because it can also display the unique culture of quancheng jinan between the heart, with a heavy touch history and the new culture, close to the scenic spot, springs and the distance of the tourists, meet interesting tourist seeks products, personalized demands., the next day the first spring in the center will deep springs culture connotation, adhere to innovation design methods, excavation, the spread of new ideas, innovative culture to the general public visitors to create more full of springs culture creative products, further promote the scenic spot, tour the depth of the fusion, enhance the brand value of scenic spots, growing influence and reputation of the scenic spot,Thus to build “five Jinan”, construction of the new era socialist modernization strong provincial capital contribution.