Why do young people like to drive Reading Mango?Is it the amazing looks?Or is it internal?

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Everybody is good!I am the owner of Redding Mango, from Qingdao. The model I proposed is “2022 Model 200 Standard Edition “, the purchase price is 40,000 yuan, the driving distance is 1800 kilometers, and the comprehensive fuel consumption is 0.0L. Do you think it is worth buying?A car, my car selection process in a store, saw the car more affinity, and modelling and colorful design makes me impressed for the car, in the subsequent purchases when I deliberately looked at the performance of this car, I found for daily travel, the configuration of the car quite enough, and sales with I test drive a circle,The overall feeling is that the car is flexible to drive and fully powered.The price of the car is only about 40,000 yuan, and the monthly payment is only about 1,000 yuan, so you can easily get it and enjoy the fun of car life.In terms of appearance, mango’s body can be said to be a perfect fusion of science and technology and household style. Smooth body lines hide details, which looks like a crystal clear fruit from a distance. I hate it.Interior materials are not particularly high-end, I think this is a short board, but the work of the interior is still very careful, and the pattern of the interior is very good, effectively enhance the atmosphere of the car.Although mango is positioned as a mini car, the appearance is not particularly large, but the internal space utilization rate is very high, sitting in the car will not feel any constraints, and the space of the front and rear seats in the car is moderate, which can be very good to meet the freedom of driving.And, the car’s storage space is relatively abundant, driving up is very convenient.The stability of the car is quite good, and the interior seat is also designed very soft, from the seat cushion to the seat back has a good fit, and the sound insulation effect of the car is very good, every time after work sitting in the car mango can give me a good space.It is worth mentioning that the car’s air conditioning system is also sensitive, which can adjust the temperature inside the car in a relatively short time, giving me a very comfortable environment.The early start is better, although there is no particularly strong explosive force, but the power output of the car is not meat, each traffic light and so on, I can be more in the lead to the front.In terms of mid-term acceleration, every merging and overtaking is always a matter of one-foot acceleration, and THERE is no lag in power. Strong power gives me a very flexible driving experience.The steering wheel of the car is very precise, driving feels the body is very flexible, and the turning radius is not large, even if the narrow road section, I can also better through, coupled with the car’s blind area is not much, driving in the process of security is very high.In terms of fuel consumption, I basically charge twice a week after driving for a period of time. On average, there is no huge expenditure for car maintenance in a month.1. The biggest advantages.The economy of the car is very high, which is one aspect of my satisfaction, for the people’s life, the main purpose of the car is to travel, reading Mango just to meet the needs of the people.Compared with many electric cars of the same type, the power consumption of Mango is not high. The average power consumption of my electric car is only about 9 to 10 KWH, but the power is sufficient, which allows me to enjoy the daily travel and does not cause a great burden of car maintenance.In addition, the car’s endurance is also good, about 200 kilometers of endurance has been fully able to meet the needs of my work and work, this car is really a short-distance travel weapon.2. What are the shortcomings?The material used for the interior is not that high-end, even a little low grade, which is a small blot on the whole car.Is it worth buying it?At the price of around 40,000 YUAN, I think this mango is very cost-effective, and I got a certain reduction in purchase tax, and it didn’t cost much.