The hand holds 300 thousand to deposit to the people’s livelihood bank 3 years, how many can the annual interest have?Is it worth saving?

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Our country is a very love of saving country, generally speaking, people for their deposits is also hope to big Banks, there are four lines are the workers and peasants in our country the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and these big bank interest rates will generally price high, will be more accord with the central bank’s standard, the service is also very thoughtful, and the number of Banks, the big four Banks almost in many cities,Pretty much everywhere you go.So since there are big banks, there will be small banks, such as China Minsheng Bank, although not as big as these banks, but more or less still a little scale.Although minsheng Bank says that all people want to deposit money go to big banks, but if someone just wants to deposit money at home, there is only one China Minsheng Bank in front of the house, it sounds really normal.One depositor said that he had a choice of 300,000 yuan in hand. He wanted to deposit all his money in China Minsheng Bank for three years. How much money can he get in interest and how does it compare with big banks?▲ The annual interest rate of China Minsheng Bank so it depends on the interest rate of China Minsheng Bank first, to specific deposit method specific analysis.The first is demand deposit. Generally speaking, the demand deposit rate of central banks is 0.35%. Assuming that the interest rate of China Minsheng Bank is about 0.3% lower, then you can only get 900 yuan of interest every year, only 2,700 yuan after three years, which is a little less than 300,000 yuan.Bring China minsheng banking followed by three years on a regular basis, is the main approach to select people on a regular basis, since going to save for three years, that is not considering the way is to take out the money, according to the three of minsheng bank according to the annual interest rate is 3.25%, then three years of deposit is 29250 yuan, it look down is a lot more money, at least better than demand deposits.Finally, certificates, since 300000 the large deposits, is certainly the CDS is big, minsheng bank for three-year CD rate can reach 3.55%, and even can communicate to 3.8%, is basically a year 10000, three years easily. 31800, it is a right is the appearance of deposits.In addition, there is a structured deposit, which belongs to the bank to take your money to buy foreign exchange, futures and so on as investment. If the investment is successful, there will be a high return. At this time, the annual interest rate will be higher, 4.1-4.5%, that is to say, after 3 years, the interest rate of 40,000 yuan is possible.And if the investment fails, the interest is lower, but at least the principal can be preserved.▲ China Minsheng Bank is worth saving such income is actually very high, mainly because the base of 300,000 is too large, many proportions have been magnified a lot, if in the four major banks, although the interest rate will be high, but the words of the bank or not recommended.One thing to make clear is that for interest returns, you can put four big lines.However, if the money is much less than 300,000 yuan and not saved for three years, the actual income gap will be much smaller, maybe only 100 yuan difference.So it’s worth the money in the bank of the people’s livelihood, and if you don’t have the big four Banks, have to drive or take the bus to the bank is also a little cost of back and forth, and the four major lines of business must be very busy, take money peak is very easy to line up, small Banks are different, will be relatively easy,Bringing $300,000 is probably the kind of business service you get in a private room to talk to.Finding the right way is the king, CDS and structured deposits are worth a try, there is really no difference between big and small banks, the upper and lower limits are regulated by the central bank, or according to your favorite bank to deposit.