The PEOPLE’s Liberation Army concentrated artillery on the city wall bombardment, hit the country army casualties, fortifications were largely destroyed

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Please click “follow” above before reading, thank you for your support, I hope to bring you a good reading experience, and share the happiness of reading with you!I will bring you more wonderful stories in the future!In the long history, the well-known Battle of Weixian was also called the Battle of Jiaoji Road Middle Section. This battle was the first urban battle of the PLA in East China during the War of Liberation.In the battle of the city, 1,432 PLA officers and fighters lost their lives, writing a solemn and stirring heroic paean with their lives.Weifang diesel county mainly I liberation army battle around the weifang diesel county, the county of a city to be completed, and the weifang diesel county, the county since ancient times is strategically important for everybody, but the city also has not been any army in history by force storm, so there is a “weifang diesel county shicheng is worth hundreds of career”.At that time, xu Shiyou, commander of Shandong Corps of East China Field Army, assessed the situation and assembled 54 regiments to take part in the campaign against Weixian county in order to win the strategically important county seat.At the same time, Chen Jincheng, commander of the Kuomintang garrison in Weixian county and lieutenant general of the 96th Kuomintang Army, was sitting firmly in a “diaoyutai posture”. He believed that with the advantage of the high wall of Weixian county and the garrison of the Kuomintang army in the city, he could ensure the county’s security. Therefore, before the war,The military lieutenant general Chen Jincheng has repeatedly called my East China Field Army Shandong Corps.In the face of lieutenant General Chen Jincheng’s clamorous attitude, Xu Shiyou, commander of Shandong Corps of Our East China Field Army, responded: Our PLA troops must be brave and tenacious, not afraid of sacrifice, win the battle, attack will be overcome, pull out weixian this hard nail!As a result, the Battle of Weixian began. At the same time, this battle is no longer a simple battle of the city, but a chess game of wits and courage between the PLA general and the National military general.The vanguard of the Civil War – The kuomintang 96th army lieutenant General Chen Jincheng, the Kuomintang 96th army lieutenant general Chen Jincheng, Chiang Kai-shek under the direct line of the general, he is the whampoa Military Academy graduates of the second term, after graduation, from platoon commander, has been to brigade staff director, followed as the deputy chief of staff of the Armed forces.After the End of the War of Resistance against Japan, he was appointed by Chiang Kai-shek group as the commander of the 96th Army of the Kuomintang and the commander of the 45th Division. He led his troops to Shandong and participated in a series of attacks against the liberated areas, becoming a “fanatic” for the civil war.At that time, Chen Jincheng was sent by the Chiang Kai-shek clique to garrison weixian county. He had nearly 47,000 troops under his command, including four regiments of the 45th Division of the Reorganized Kuomintang army and six security regiments, as well as the local “local militia” and “Returning Home Regiment”.Jin-cherng Chen, meanwhile, in order to be able to stop the sharp of the PLA, in weifang diesel county county and outside the city to build fortifications, he sent troops to military force and the people of the city to attend to build fortifications in the work, and remove the city common people’s houses, from the houses built fortifications required material such as shingles,This has left many people in the city homeless and miserable to see.Secondly, Chen Jincheng hunted and killed the underground members of the COMMUNIST Party of China in Weixian County, creating one after another tragic cases, which made the people in the city hate him deeply.Therefore, for such a general Chen Jincheng who violated public opinion and lost the hearts of the people, the people in Weixian County strongly requested us to “enter Weixian and capture Chen Jincheng alive”!In this way, the operational plan of “entering Weixian and capturing Chen Jincheng alive” became the final operational target and instruction of the PLA troops.On April 2, 1948, after the battle of Weixian began, Xu Shiyou, commander of shandong Corps of the East China Field Army, fought with Chen Jincheng, lieutenant general and commander of the 96th Kuomintang Army.At that time, Chen Jincheng formed the weixian county seat into a semi-permanent defense system consisting of three lines of defense with the west city as the core. Fortifications such as blockhouses were built around the county seat, which blocked the offensive of the PLA troops for a time.In the face of the strong fortifications of the armed forces, I east China Field Army Shandong Corps commander Xu Shiyou asked the siege forces with heavy artillery combined with tunnel blasting, the implementation of the north and south attack on Weixian.As the saying goes, when confronted in a narrow way, the brave will win. With high morale, the PLA troops not only cleared the periphery of Weixian County, but also took beicheng, which was relatively weak in Weixian County.After the north city of Weixian county was captured, Chen Jincheng was completely panicked. He quickly led the troops of the headquarters to retreat to the West city, where the fortifications were stronger, and tried to rely on the fortifications of the west City to make a desperate effort to hold on to the aid and wait for the opportunity.On the other hand, our PEOPLE’s Liberation Army forces, after taking the North city, began to attack the West city. The west city of The county seat of Wei County is more solid than the north city, and its firepower is much stronger than that of the north city of Wei County.In addition, Chen Jincheng himself took command of the garrison, and the morale of the kuomintang garrison was improved a lot. Therefore, when attacking the West City, the PLA troops paid a higher price.The battle against the West city is very fierce, affecting the heart of my Shandong Corps commander Xu Shiyou, in order to be able to successfully take the West city, Shandong Corps commander Xu Shiyou ordered my artillery troops to concentrate more than 260 all kinds of artillery fire on the walls of the West City, the artillery bombardment continued for nearly two hours,My Shandong Regiment can be said to have taken out all the shells at the bottom of the box and put them into this lasting shelling.Under the continuous shelling of our Shandong regiment for two hours, the Kuomintang defenders in the western city were killed and wounded, their fortifications were largely destroyed, and their basic fighting ability was lost.When the shelling of the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army ended, the blasting soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army began to blast the walls of the western city to open a number of holes, and the troops of the People’s Liberation Army are like flood waves, from these holes rushed into the western city.Chen Jincheng hiding in the west of the city to see the west can defend, has lost the advantage, they lead the defeated troops fled to the east, and MY PEOPLE’s Liberation Army troops also follow the footsteps of Chen Jincheng retreat, catch up to the east.In this way, the two sides launched a fierce street fighting, Chen Jincheng under the security commander Zhang Tianzuo in the street fighting, I was killed by the PLA soldiers on the spot, which makes the command of the street fighting Chen Jincheng was very afraid, for fear that he followed the footsteps of the security commander Zhang Tianzuo.When the PLA troops further destroyed the remnants of Chen Jincheng’s troops, Chen Jincheng saw that the situation was over and had to lead the remaining kuomintang soldiers to surrender their arms to the PLA.In this way, with Chen Jincheng’s surrender, the 36-day battle of Wei County came to an end. In this battle, the Shandong Corps of the PLA destroyed about 47,000 enemies, liberated an area of more than 4,000 square kilometers, and pulled out the so-called “Luzhong fortress” of the Kuomintang.However, the Shandong Regiment of THE PLA also paid a great “sacrifice” for this, paying a heavy price of more than 7,000 casualties, including the lives of 1,432 PLA officers and fighters. Therefore, the battle of Wei County was extremely heroic.After the battle, captured the nationalist kuomintang army ninety-six will be sent to the east China regional liberation army jin-cherng Chen to modify an rotc and learning, at first, jin-cherng Chen face my renovation work of the people’s liberation army cadres are extremely hostile, often in public, and I’m betting the people’s liberation army cadres, but with the deepening of the time, jin-cherng Chen was eventually influence,In 1960, he was granted amnesty by the people’s government and came to work in the Jiangsu Provincial Museum of Literature and History. He became a former national army general who made contributions to the cause of the United Front of New China.When we go back to this article, we will find that xu Shiyou, the commander of shandong Corps, is always stronger than Chen Jincheng, the lieutenant general of the kuomintang 96th Army. As a defensive side, Chen Jincheng has the advantage of geographical position.But his this kind of advantage and shandong corps commander Xu Shiyou just a round of meetings, cool down, finally defeat captured, though he said he didn’t like jin-cherng Chen had a system of military school learning experience, but it can from set out actually, Xu Shiyou situation, relying on their own rigorous thinking and decision-making finally defeated had a system of military school learning experience jin-cherng Chen,The achievement of a “military history story”.Later, in order to commemorate the PLA commanders and fighters’ spirit of bravely fighting the enemy and not fearing sacrifice, Weifang city built the Weixian Battle Education Base for this purpose, to encourage the young comers to remember the spirit of the Weixian Battle, stay true to their original aspiration and forge ahead!