South cold chain transport busy

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“In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention, we have strengthened the management of the entrance and exit channels of the goods yard, and set up temperature monitoring posts.In glue new line linyi East station, freight business Department deputy director Ma Hui side busy side to reporters.The animal husbandry industry is developed in Linyi city, Shandong Province. The local yimeng black goat, Mengshan cattle, chicken, duck and rabbit meat are very popular in the domestic market.Every week, linyi region and parts of Shandong province, nearly 600 tons of frozen poultry and meat, in linyi East station to pay refrigerated container assembly sent to Chongqing.Since the Spring Festival travel rush, in order to protect the public’s holiday purchasing demand, the original three or four days a train of fast goods direct train, encryption for every other day.Ma Hui led the team, carefully developed the packing scheme, matching high-quality box source, vehicle source, driving, shuting, loading and unloading and other posts to ensure the safety of every train transportation.”We have set up a train service team to monitor and track the whole process of declaration, loading and unloading, and transportation, to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the train, so that these food can be on the table as soon as possible, and enrich people’s holiday life.”Ma Hui said.Safety, timeliness, freshness and hygiene are the basic requirements of cold chain transportation.In order to ensure the timeliness of transportation, Ma Hui strictly packed and picked up, reported the demand, loading links, as far as possible to reduce the waiting time after the arrival of goods at the station, smooth the festival material transport channel.In view of the actual situation of epidemic prevention and control, the station further strengthened inspection and elimination efforts, and strictly controlled food entry.Before accepting the goods, the freight personnel should carefully check the declaration materials, especially the nucleic acid test certificate, disinfection record certificate, inspection and quarantine certificate, etc.After the container arrives at the station, two workers wearing protective clothing, masks and gloves quickly step forward to spray and disinfect the container, doors, handles and other parts that may be touched by workers, as well as the loading area.After disinfection, Ma Hui signed on the register for confirmation.In the work area, the sterilized containers reach the pre-cooling temperature. The workers quickly wear protective equipment, set up isolation areas, and start packing.Two hours later, all the goods were loaded.Secondary elimination, sealing, hanging and transportation…Ma Hui and her colleagues are busy with batches of goods for the New Year, feeling the strong taste of the New Year on the post.Reporter Zhao Qiuli li Zhichen Correspondent Huang Zhen of Guangming Daily (February 11, 2022, 02 edition)