Should I buy cotton shoes one size bigger than single shoes?

2022-05-11 0 By

Cotton shoes are one size bigger than single shoes.1, winter shoes are too tight, will lead to blocked foot blood flow, will aggravate the cold.Wearing shoes of a larger size with appropriate socks can effectively keep your feet warm and cold.So it is correct to buy cotton shoes one size larger than single shoes.2, cotton shoes to buy large do not buy small, it is best to buy a bigger size do not buy a small one.Because cotton shoes are generally more velvet, the inner space will naturally be small, so buy a bigger size you put on just right, in addition to the winter you may wear thick socks, if not a yard of foot space will be very small, walking will be uncomfortable.Cotton shoes of the same size and single shoes, the size of the sole, cotton shoes of thick material, wear will feel tight, in order to be comfortable, it is best to choose a bigger size is better.3, matters needing attention: how to choose a pair of comfortable and warm shoes to look inside the shoes, when buying cotton shoes, we should pay attention to the internal cotton shoes with velvet, velvet if you can heat insulation cold resistance.Look at the sole, the most important thing for a pair of shoes is the sole. It is easy to freeze in winter and the ground is slippery. When buying cotton shoes, we should pay attention to the sole of cotton shoes to be thick, friction and waterproof.A good cotton shoes, the upper is the best leather or beef tendon material, the advantages of these two materials in and warm cold, but also waterproof snow.