Many roads in Zhengzhou are decorated with colorful lanterns. It turns out that these lighting materials are “reused”

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On the eve of the Spring Festival, many roads in Zhengzhou are decorated with red lanterns and colorful lights.Photo taken on Jan. 30, 2019 shows red lanterns on songshan Road and Yihe Road in Zhengzhou, capital of East China’s Zhengzhou Province.”Yesterday the streets were silent, today they are covered with red lanterns.”Citizens introduced to reporters.And when the reporter left turn into the River yi road, look to the whole street street trees and by the cane ball love, the whole street are shining bright.Tongbai Road “western suburb memory” is also to attract many citizens to stop “clock”.In the second sand also reproduced the “second sand memory ring”, “Sesame Street Cultural and creative Park” and other classic lighting enterprises.Responsible for the lighting work of the Central district municipal facilities maintenance center related person in charge told reporters that 90% of the lighting materials used in these areas are removed after last year’s festival lamps, after repair “reuse”.In order to complete the work in time, 126 people and 10 climbing vehicles have been invested in total. The “people stop parking” fight day and night to ensure the completion of the festival lighting within four days and create a strong New Year atmosphere for the local people.