Life is no longer confused, after 90 to do tuhu car franchisee to find a new direction

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Four years ago, because of the bottleneck of family business had to make a living in another way Wang Note may not expect, he can join in The Tuhu car to find their own value in life, to achieve an annual income of more than one million dreams.From the first Shop to the third, in just a few years, the standardized management process and standardized service of Tuhu has brought Wang Zhu not only high income, but also stable customers. Now, this shy post-90s guy has become a famous local “car repairman”.Born into a well-off family, Wang had no plans for his life. After graduation, he decided to return home to help his father manage his tire business.But his three tire stores in Huanggang, Huangshi and Ezhou were not profitable because they failed to tap into the local market.Let him once in a lost, unable to find the way forward.And the experience that road tiger raises a car to maintain occasionally lets him be shocked greatly however, found brand-new hard direction.”At that time, I was shocked that other auto repair shops had no business, but Tihu’s store could stand in a long line and customers came to repair their cars in an endless stream.”Wang notes recalled.In order to find out why, Wang note went to Tuhu car store several times.Therefore, I found the secret of tuhu car to attract customers, that is transparent price and quality service experience, consumers can get good service experience here, naturally formed a stable source of customers.After in-depth understanding of Tuhu, Wang note will shut down his previous storefront, in Huanggang West Lake road 1 opened his first Tuhu car store.Due to the opening time in October, a few days after the opening, there were double 11 orders and orders were overwhelmed. However, thanks to the standardized and digital process, the details of each link were gradually straightened out and the overall work efficiency was greatly improved.Wang’s first store also turned a profit in its first month.Later, Wang Zhu quickly opened a shop, and began to become a small local famous young entrepreneurs, formally entered the ranks of successful people with an annual income of more than one million.Although these years are very busy, but Wang note heart is very full.He admitted that during the years of joining Tuhu, he had completed his growth and transformation, and found a very meaningful career in life.In May 2021, Wang note opened tuhu store in xishui as scheduled because he wanted to put his hometown auto repair industry also “beautiful”, he finally returned to his hometown most sincere service concept.”Being born in the 1990s, I actually have a more modern young person’s idea about starting a business.I chose to join Tihu because I appreciate its brand culture. Putting customers first can solve the pain points in the industry, which will be the general trend of the car industry in the future.”, once that listen to parents for their own planning life wang Note, is on the road to join the Tihu car gradually find the real self, complete the second transformation and growth of their life.