“Epidemic” road has you, lucky to have you

2022-05-11 0 By

The epidemic is back, cangzhou Cangxian people once again to accept the challenge of the epidemic.The epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility. As a public health doctor in a health center, after receiving the epidemic prevention and control order, he put down his child who had just broken his ankle and his elderly parents, resolutely threw himself into the epidemic prevention and control work, and took the lead in fighting the epidemic.For more than 20 days, he collected nucleic acid every morning, transferred and distributed materials to the health center in the afternoon, and drove an ambulance to pick up those who needed to be quarantined at the isolation point in the evening. Despite feeling unwell, he was Xu Hongguang, a village doctor from Xiaotan Village, Dulin Hui Village, Cangzhou City.There is no such thing as quiet time, but someone is carrying something for you.As a medical worker, Xu Hongguang received the task of fighting the epidemic and immediately went to durin township health center to report. Although his home is only 3 kilometers away from the health center, he insisted on eating and living in the hospital in order to be able to get out of the mission more quickly and in a timely manner.With responsibility in your heart, you can have nothing to fear and overcome everything.Xu hongguang’s colleagues said to us: “Xu Hongguang is enthusiastic and responsible, and never stint on his work. As a member of the Communist Party, he has excellent political quality. As long as there is a task in the Health center of Dulin township or the health center of Xiaotan Village where he is, Xu Hongguang must be in the forefront and bear hardships in the front.In him, you can see the true colors of a Communist’s original aspiration.”Warm spring flowers will bloom, if the future.The epidemic will eventually pass, and Xu Hongguang, who was not feeling well, has been well treated. He said he would return to work as soon as possible and make another contribution to the epidemic prevention work in Cangxian.In our side there is always a group of glimmering “guardian”, they stick to their posts, take the lead, for thousands of families to keep a party safe.Let’s give them our thumbs up, hats off and prayers!(Yan Du Rong Media reporter Xu Xiaoyuan wu Chunlei)