Weining public security: police mobilization in the snow write the most beautiful “police” color

2022-05-10 0 By

On January 28th, at night to early January 29, weining map and agitation in large area of snow, the weather, in parts of the temperature dropped to – 6 ℃, in the face of sudden clotting snow weather, positive action, all police mobilization, weining map public security bureau on duty on the road, the use of the working day and night drive and sincerely pay a practical action to protect the masses travel security, write “p” color in the snow.Weining County people’s Government deputy county magistrate, public Security Bureau Party committee secretary, director Li Yuanliang in-depth command of the frontline anti-coagulation work.The Traffic police brigade carried out anti-coagulation protection in the district of Weining Traffic police, sending xiaohai to carry out anti-coagulation protection in the district of Shimen