“Snow rong Rong”, why is there no “ice dun dun” fire?There are four main reasons

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If you want to ask who is the “top performer” during the Beijing Winter Olympics?Of course it’s this little cutie down here.Bing Dwen Dwen, as the mascot of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, is undoubtedly the most popular, but also loved by everyone, not only in China, but also abroad.What “a trick is hard to get”, really is no exaggeration.A citizen stood in line for 7 hours and didn’t get a single ice block.And if you have “ice dun dun dun”, you dare not to share in the moments of friends, because this is the performance of “show off wealth”.It also makes you instantly the “hottest” person in your circle of friends.What’s more, some people also rely on “ice dun dun” successfully achieved single.Single dogs, what are you waiting for?Buy quickly “ice pier pier” give beloved girl, perhaps also can let you instantaneous take off sheet.Also the mascot, and standing with Bing Dwen Dwen another little cute, looks a lot dimmer.It is a pair of bean eyes “snow rong Rong”.Completely different from “Bing Dun Dun”, “Xue Rong Rong” has another kind of quiet and lovely, and she has blush.Maybe, some people don’t know “Xue Rong Rong” at all.In fact, Xue Rong Rong is the mascot of the 2022 Beijing Paralympic Winter Games.The prototype is a red lantern.Yes, it is the Spring Festival streets, every family will hang lanterns, which is also to render the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival.The mascot face is a snow block, some say like a dumpling, some say like auspicious clouds.In short, the moral is very beautiful.It also represents whiteness, tolerance, fusion, warmth…This is also a vision for the Paralympic Games and the world community.So, “snow rong Rong” is actually very lovely!So, why doesn’t snow rong Rong have ice dun dun fire?I think there are 4 main reasons, just for everyone’s entertainment.1, Snow Rong Rong is the mascot of the Paralympic Games, “go to work” day has not arrived because now is the start of the Olympic Games, paralympic games have not started.Therefore, at present, only Bing Dwen dwen is “working”, and Xue Rong Rong has not gone to work, so the publicity of Xue Rong Rong is certainly not as big as Bing Dwen Dwen.The Beijing Winter Paralympic Games will begin on March 4, 2022, and end on March 13, the same day snow Rhongrong begins work.2, the recognition is not high, many people can not see what it is at first sight compared to “Bing Dwen Dwen”, “Xue Rong Rong” is not high recognition.See someone think snow rong rong is sugar gourd.The prototype of Bing Dwen Dwen is the giant panda, a national treasure, which has the advantage of natural recognition.After all, pandas represent China in the eyes of many people around the world.Therefore, Bing Dwen Dwen is more likely to resonate with others, and he is lively and cute.And Xue Rong Rong is a lantern, which may not be as popular, at least in the rest of the world.So, “snow rong rong” lovely place, you have to fine taste just go!3, the Japanese reporter did not buy “Snow Rong Rong”, the media preferred “Bing Dwen Dwen”, “Bing Dwen Dwen” can quickly fire out of the circle, absolutely has a lot to do with the publicity of the major media.Among them, there is a Japanese journalist who especially likes Bing Dandong dwen. This man is a loyal fan of Bing Dandong Dwen, and has also made great efforts to promote Bing Dandong dwen.I still remember that he spared no effort to show (brag) in front of the camera that he bought six ice blocks to hang on his chest at one go. I also remember that he bought a bunch of ice blocks to send back to China, and held a live broadcast to open the box.Careful netizens may have noticed that the man was not wearing a coat.Not because he’s cold proof, but because he left it at the airport and didn’t pick it up.So, a Japanese host joked to him: you have to buy ice dun dun money why not to buy a coat, “deserve to freeze to death you”.Secondly, the athletes of various countries are also a little fond of ice.For example, Hungarian short track speed skater Liu Shaolin never let dwen leave his hands (he kept rubbing them) from the moment he took the ice dwen.Is in the reporter interview directly threatened the pier pier certainly won’t give his 3-year-old sister, say that finish also hugged the pier pier, for fear of others away.Athletes from all countries are taking photos with “Bing Dwen Dwen”.4, color, red is not easy to associate with the white world of ice and snow, when it comes to the world of ice and snow, everyone’s mind is a vast expanse of white.The vast whiteness of the ice mounds is just right for the world of ice and snow.However, snow rong melt a red, although happy, but, it is difficult to connect with the world of ice and snow, it is difficult to substitute into the Winter Olympics.However, we may not know that snow rong Rong is also the earliest white, do not believe you see!It was covered with a thick layer of snow.Then, it shook hard, the snow was gone, successfully turned into a lovely red lantern.That is to say, snow rong-rong is after the melting of snow, meaning is also very beautiful.In this way, xue Rong Rong does not mean that it has nothing to do with snow.I suggest you go and watch the promotional video of “Snow Rong-Rong”, which is very festive and very appropriate, especially during the Spring Festival.Finally, take a look at what you may not have seen.Have you ever seen snow on hips?(can break my nb)!”Snow rong Rong” lovely, is it beyond your imagination?Finally, I hope we pay more attention to the lovely snow Rong Rong, can not be neglected it, otherwise, it will be sad oh!Finally, cheer for the athletes!Thank you for reading. 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