Must be a heavy penalty!After the Harden trade, the league spoke up

2022-05-10 0 By

One of the more interesting proposals the league has passed is for owners to meet with league executives to discuss ways to “punish and limit players from forcing trades,” and to hold meetings specifically for that purpose.NBA legend Stein said more and more owners are concerned that other Max players will use harden’s refusal to play to force a trade.According to the reporter, in the past 13 months, Harden in Houston and Brooklyn in a series of “strikes”, forcing teams to apply for a trade.During his time in the Nets, even Adu didn’t know harden’s mind, as Durant put it: “We communicated so little that by the time I wanted to talk to him, he was so angry that he couldn’t go back.Similarly, There is Simmons, who played poorly in the playoffs last year and was publicly criticized by Rivers, who refused to play for the team and even demanded a trade by refusing to play.At present, these two players have completed the exchange.In fact, we watch so many NBA experience, Harden and Simmons are quite childish, unhappy in some place, directly to the management asked to leave the team.The problem is, they are under contract, whether it is a team or a worker, their status is corresponding to each other.If the team decides to pay these players according to their mood and withhold simmons and Harden’s salary, will they accept it?I’m afraid not.In addition to the cold rules and regulations, there should be some human mutual respect between the company and the workers.Do Theo and Siti have enough respect for the team?It was a simple matter, sign the contract, take the money, hit him, and then the sky is the sky.Or have a chance to sit down and talk to the management.But how did they do it?When asked why he didn’t give Rivers a chance to apologize, Simmons told reporters, “I didn’t take doc’s call, but he could have flown over to my house and apologized.”Harden, for example, told Tsai that he wanted to stay with the team, but secretly reached out to another player, and was forced to show his hand when news leaked to Tsai that he was seeking free agent services.Seriously, these two are probably harder to guess and coax than any of your ex-girlfriends out there.At this rate, if super giants want to change teams, they will directly strike the palace, then how can this game play?Is this championship worth fighting for?