Gu Ailing shouted: I take a photo with the volunteers!The best idol of Beijing Winter Olympics was born

2022-05-10 0 By

Gu Ailing of China won the gold medal in women’s freestyle platform with her off-axis twist 1620 in the final of the Winter Olympics, making China a breakthrough in this event.After the match, Gu answered questions in Chinese, English and French at the press conference as if she were hanging on. Facing some difficult questions, Gu also showed super emotional intelligence and easily solved them.Not only that, after the conference, Gu Took the initiative to ask volunteers to take photos with her, smiling brightly.It is really heartfelt feeling, the beauty of the heart, the best quality idol of the Beijing Winter Olympics was born!Meanwhile, Gu has received unprecedented attention, with even basketball star Kevin Durant following her on Instagram.The nets have lost nine games in a row since losing to the Boston Celtics by 35 points at home.But the loss didn’t seem to affect Durant, who continued his usual high profile on the Internet, following Gu on social media as soon as she won the gold medal.In the women’s freestyle platform event, Gu Ailing made history for the Chinese team, coming back from behind with an unprecedented 1620 off-axis twist to win the gold medal.It is worth mentioning that Gu was already certain to win a medal before the third jump, but gu was not satisfied with that and chose to challenge her limit in the third jump, which made her overtake.For all the athletes, the Meaning of the Winter Olympics is not only to defeat opponents, to challenge their own limits is the true Olympic spirit, and the “genius girl” Gu Ailing has well demonstrated this point with her actions.Gu held her head in her hands in disbelief until she landed safely after completing the 1620 off-axis twist.Her gold medal is more than a simple honor. It is a warning to all athletes.This wave of interaction between sports circles shows the influence of the Winter Olympics and snow sports.For Gu, her popularity is more important than traffic.After the platform event, Gu has two other events, halfpipe and slopestyle. Let’s wish the “talented girl” can continue to keep good condition and strive for gold and silver for her country.