DNF: “male gun, gun swordsman, passed on” CP weapon, a word summary, refried rice

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DNF: “male gun, gun swordsman, spread” CP weapon, a word summary, refried rice!DNF110 level version, the whole profession has a professional exclusive CP weapons, after 4 days of “toothpaste” Revelations, the whole profession CP weapons all out of exposure, finally, let’s look at the last wave of professional Revelations: male gun, gun ssword, external occupation.The left wheel (Male Wanderer) of the Male Magic Spear battle generates a phantom, double eagle maneuver +30% attack speed within 4 seconds, maximum stack 1 time;Double Eagle whirl after second catch, use cD-20% skill during;Double eagle maneuver size +20%;Volley Max +1.[Fixed] [Fixed] [Fixed] [Fixed] [Fixed] [Fixed] [Fixed] [Fixed] [Fixed] [Fixed] [Fixed]Laser cannon range +40%, damage +20%Charge storage time of laser gun -30%;Use the FM-92 skill to release enhanced high-explosive shells on marked objects.F-m-92 does +15% damage and +25% range.Decisive Battle Automatic pistol (male machine) RX78 +5% damage, Max spawn +5, R- Pursuer generates 7 skills for additional damage.Decisive Battle rifle (male ammo) polymerized round enhancement, request sniping the strongest enemy;1 special ammo for 10 normal attacks, up to 3 times, once into the dungeon automatically;Use special ammo to increase damage by 15% for 1 shot, 40% for 2 shot, 80% for 3 shot.Use of polymeric ammo can be cancelled.[Fixed] Use the overclocking ability to gain 1 layer of power up to 5 layers.[Fixed] Firegod attack gun consumes all power, tier 1 power +10% damageOverfrequency current flash kick hit enemy, control for 1.5 seconds;Overfrequency current flash kick consumes power, increases damage by 10% per tier, and increases control time by 0.5 seconds.Long Sword (Darkblade) rigor Rigidity can be used as a roulette shot, cD-60%, attack speed +20%, and cD-20% skill has been cancelled.Decisive battle of small tai Dao (agent) assassination mark enemy, accurate shooting and lock shooting, within 15 seconds to give the state of gunshot wounds, maximum overlap 3 times;Use the double Chop and moonshadow step attack, grant the cutting status within 15 seconds, maximum overlap 3 times, CD-15%;Moon Dance does +5% damage and Ravage does +8% damage.Moonbeam tier 1 increases damage by 8%.The final battle of the esaber (sellsword) burst will explode, additional attack button input time +3 seconds, forced use of some skills, +30% attack power, +10% range, CD-30%.Ceab-2 launches 60% of multiple attacks, maximum damage power +50%, number of source energy extraction +2, awakening external skills CD-10% within 25 seconds, maximum stack 1 time.[Fixed] Time stasis Max combo stage +1 rank 6 attack rate 220Time Master releases spells that accumulate time stasis energy without breaking combos for +2 seconds.Doom wormhole of the final Battle sweep (create) into confinement enemy time 5 seconds domain confinement, and then explosion, damage is 100% of the doom wormhole, 5 seconds duration, press the skill key again, can immediately detonate, domain confinement area, every 2 attacks increase 5% explosive power, maximum stacking to 50%.In summary, CP weapons are all small skills, accustomed to the 100 version of the second monster of the big skill, many players sneer at it and think that the preferred system weapons: “1-100 skill level +1, 1-100 skill level +10% damage”, the evaluation of CP weapons is “rubbish, rehash”.In this regard, Shura thinks it is too early to make a comment, tier 110 advocates “toughness system”, and the CP weapon made with great effort should be used.I am the player show, I wish the warriors abyss flash non-stop, the gold medal constantly, myth equipment see every day.