Chinese Women’s volleyball team, beautiful women’s volleyball team, handsome husband, once kissed Zhang Changning on the court

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Time flies, it’s Already February 2022, and while Chinese people are celebrating the Spring Festival, the selection of a new head coach for the Chinese women’s volleyball team is still under wraps.After the Tokyo Olympic Games, Chinese women’s volleyball coach lang ping, concentrate on return home, lang ping to leave means that the new Chinese women’s volleyball team head coach needs to be elected national team, no matter who become the new Chinese women’s volleyball team coach, all need to face a big problem, but the problem is the reserve forces had position is not enough.Throughout the current domestic volleyball world, as long as had Yuan Xinyue is relatively mature, and the young Wang Yuanyuan Yang Hanyu, high meaning are immature, completely can’t afford to bear the important task of China’s main women’s volleyball team had, the plight of the new position of Chinese women’s volleyball team had let fans remembered once back to fly the queen, the beauty had Yang jun Kim.Yang jun Kim in Chinese women’s volleyball team squad for the first time in 2011, entered the national team in the first year, Yang jun Kim has become a main force had, Yang jun of the iconic flying back attack a must, in the world, Yang jun Kim flew back into Chinese women’s volleyball team scoring tool, is also for this reason, Yang jun Kim is known as the queen of the Chinese women’s volleyball team back to fly.In 2016, Yang Junjing missed the Tokyo Olympic Games due to her own injury, which became the biggest regret of Yang Junjing’s volleyball career.Although Yang jun Kim did not formally announced his retirement, but also in the terminal stages of a career, basically now Yang jun Kim is married, and in the New Year’s eve, Yang jun is generous in personal social media on drying out of the picture of the whole family eat dinner together, Yang jun in the photo hemicyenine both hands, happiness before shows, and Yang jun Kim’s husband is very handsome, is a winner in life.It is worth mentioning that Yang Junjing and Zhang Changning are the best girlfriends of the Chinese women’s volleyball team. They are always together as soon as they meet. Yang Junjing once kissed Zhang Changning in the tournament, which really made people blush.I wish Yang Junjing a happy life.